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Chemo Care Package

Triclosan, A Chemical Used in Antibacterial Soaps, is Found to Impair Muscle Function

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Chemo care package - list of everything that's good to give someone going through chemo. Good to remember

Life as a Survivor: Remembering Chemo and Chemo Care Packages
  • Shelley Pruitt

    Love it! We will be using your idea and making thes at the library in October and passing out . Thank-you!

  • Annie Edwards

    I want to make my grandma who just started chemo today a fun your idea!! thanks for being thoughtful!!

Chemo Care Package

Chemo Care Packages | CherrySprinkle

Another chemo care package - this one is to buy, but lots of good ideas for a care package I could make myself.

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Chemo care package. I added my own "cancer blows" hankey. Contents: water to keep hydrated, peppermints in case she gets a bad taste in her mouth from the treatment, germ x, hand lotion, chocolate, a journal and pink pen!

Rice packs but I like them made with soft hand towels and no scents. Wish I had 20 of them! All sizes!

Warm hoodies like this Aerie French Terry Popover Hoodie

Aerie for American Eagle: Lingerie and Apparel

I rub this on my bald chemo head to keep it soft. I add one drop of pure frankincense oil with a dab and use it for glowy skin. It's amazing!

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Patient said" When my body is so acidic from chemo this works to create a more alkaline environment so my organs can do what they need to do. MMMM and it is awesome for hydration.

Cute hospital gown that keeps everything covered. Lots of styles and colors.

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Luxury Hospital Gowns & Home Care Gowns for Women by Silver Moon Bay

a fleece throw is nice to cuddle with when you aren't feeling well. Walgreens has several colors and these fit perfectly in a tote bag.

Living Solutions Fleece Throw | Walgreens

Great lip balm made especially for chemo patients.

In case of nausea caused by chemo