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  • Heather Bullis

    There you go judging again Sima. You seem to think you know best for everyone. Arrogant enough?

  • Sima A.

    Sure Heather. Whatever you say :)

  • Heather Bullis

    Finally you're speaking some sense. I'm proud of you!

  • Sima A.

    Good! That's all I could possibly want- to be validated by a stranger on the internet. Never realized it was that easy! :)

  • Heather Bullis

    It's good you want simple things. Simple things for simple people.

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Why this girl HATES wedding brunches

Is A Post-Wedding Brunch Really Necessary?
  • kayleigh oberbeck

    I DONT WANT TO KNOW ANYONE WHO HATES A BRUNCH, NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE. I don't need that kind of negativity in my life.

  • emilyohjoy

    amen to that, kayleigh! you have to be one sad human being to hate on brunches, especially happy-wedding ones.

  • ellehsirhc

    ^Exactly! My best friend's wedding is happening on a saturday and all of us will be working until friday night. A sunday brunch will be perfect for spending time with some of our good friends and other people who come from out of town.

  • Cassandra Gustafson

    I'm hating this posts that are all about people bitching and hating things!

  • Cassandra Gustafson

    *these posts... seriously... why is there no edit on here or am I missing something?

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