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Smile and Stare back.

who gets to determine when the old ends and the new begins?

Quote of the Day: A New Beginning

the person that hurt you has a story to tell. if they could only come clean, a healing could begin for them as well.

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I have a lot of baggage, Wesley has some but not nearly as much as I do. Instead of him avoiding it or not talking about it he helps me unpack it and find a place in the attic for it, so we can continue on with our lives. It's a part of my past that won't go away, so we have to find a place for it, why not in the attic with all of our other memories?

why did you chose me

...It hurts imaging there was anyone before me and I'm sorry, because I know how unfair that is. I guess I'm just afraid there was something in her you'll notice lacking in me - M.K.

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by iain thomas | from the shock of honesty

#Life #Quotes #QuotesAboutLife go ahead, scare the world.

"My simple advice is love your life, because your life is what you have to give." – Tom Hiddleston

Be all there. A surprisingly hard thing to do.

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Time, distance, and other people can be your worst enemy! ...but I hope this is true.