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Collage & Fotomontaje

Toyen - 1967

Toyen -

Andrew Lundwall ,

Nicole Natri: inspired by the Bal des Ardents [all-antique papercut collage on old paper]

Nieves Mingueza: Collage

Raoul Hausmann, Die Menschen sind Engel und leben im Himmel, [les hommes sont des anges et vivent au ciel], 1922

© 2013 Malin Gabriella Nordin

Hanna Hoch: Cabezas , 1919-20. Colección IFA, Stuttgart

Hanna Hoch: S. T. de la serie Museo etnográfico (bpk/Kupferstichkabinett, SMB/Jörg P Anders)

Christian Schad, Schadographie n° 13, 1918 - 1919, Epreuve gélatino-argentique, photogramme, 8,1 x 5,8cm, Papier support: 16,3 x 12,6cm Centre Pompidou

In early 1920, Christian Schad, a German artist working in Swiss Dada circles, sent his tiny abstract cameraless photograms to the Dada impresario Tristan Tzara, who was then living in Paris. Tzara reproduced one of these works in his magazine Dadaphone, and he showed them to Man Ray, who had moved to Paris from New York and lived in the same hotel. In early 1922 Man Ray began to experiment with his own photograms, calling them, fittingly, “Rayographs.”

Christian SCHAD, Dada Schad. Milano, Galleria Schwarz, 1970. Catalogo di mostra. Testo dell'Artista in italiano, francese, inglese (Appunti autobiografici)

Schadograph - Christian Schad

KATJA STRUNZ (PROJECT ROOM) Untitled, 2013 Collage on paper, 34 x 24 cm 18.04 — 25.05.13 / Brussels

KATJA STRUNZ Untitled, 2006 Framed collage, 51 x 41 cm