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Virgin Mary - Blessed Mother

Necklaces, pendants, Bracelets, Rings, Sterling Silver, Pins, Broochs, Gold, New and Vintage rhinestone and Antique Jewelry, Pill boxes, Prayer box lockets, Art prints all depicting TheVirgin Mary, Our Lady of Grace, Lourdes, Fatima, Peace, Madonna and Child.

24" French Cottage Finish PLASTER STATUE Our Lady of Lourdes France, The Blessed Mother Virgin Mary. by MotherMaryShabbyShop

Vintage Mother Mary Pendant Our Lady of Sorrows Handpainted (Image1)

Vintage Rosary Bead Case Blue Enamel Miraculous Medal (Image1)

$69 sale! LARGE Vintage Rhinestone Miraculous Medal Necklace Our Lady of Grace (Image1)

$69 Purple Rhinestone Virgin Mary Bracelet Our Lady of Grace (Image1)

$188 All Antique and Vintage medals featuring Mother Mary, Mostly as Our Lady of Grace of the Miraculous Medal. Largest is 1.50 inches long and the smallest is the Tiny Blue Enamel approx 1/4 inch. Very Good Vintage condition. Gold tone, brass, blue enamel.

$148 Lovely serene soft pale pink and white statue featuring The Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary, as Our Lady of Grace and Miracles. Mary is painted all white with PALE PINK outer garments in a Shabby French chic style. She has a removable cross necklace with pink beads and a fixed goldtone Miraculous Medal at Her feet surrounded by dark pink / fuschia rhinestones.

$69 Mother Mary QUEEN of ANGELS PINK Roses French Victorian Chic Our lady of Grace and Miracles Statue Rose Metal Crown Tiara Blessed Virgin

$68 VINTAGE Pink SHABBY JEWELLED Mother Mary Rhinestone Bust Figurine Statue Gold Metal Crown Tiara Crucifix Rhinestones Blessed Virgin Madonna

$165 JEWELED SHABBY Pink White Rhinestone Crown Mother Mary Madonna Child Jesus Christ Plaster Statue Blessed Virgin Our Lady Mt Carmel Catholic Shrine. French chic style.

$149 15" JEWELED FRENCH SHABBY Crown Antique Lourdes France Rosary beads Chic Virgin Mary Shrine Altar Statue Vintage Rhinestone Prayer Petition

$144 Shabby Vintage style, weathered plaster statue featuring The Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary, as Our Lady of Grace and Miracles. She wears a ha...

$95 SHABBY PINK Mother Mary JEWELED Crown French Paris Chic Immaculate Sacred Heart Prayer Petition Statue Blessed Virgin Bust Rhinestone Cross

$144 SHABBY PINK White Mother Mary JEWELED French Chic Our Lady of Grace Prayer Petition Locket Plaster Statue Blessed Virgin Rhinestone Crown

$88 Vintage, weathered, shabby French style, 8.75" Tall Madonna and Child altar shrine statue featuring The Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary, Holding...

$124 Shabby French style plaster statue featuring the Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary, as our Lady of Grace and Miracles. The statue is embellished w...

$89 Heirloom quality silver pendant that is very detailed featuring the Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary and the Christ Child. Gold accents on sterli...