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Bed frame benches

dog bed from cheap old toddler frame. Dog can't destroy the mattress and in our den, looks like a bench and not a junk/dog room.

bench made from a bed. cut down side rails and attach. make inside frame and lay boards across PJH Designs One of A Kind Vintage & Antique Furniture & Home Decor: Bed to Bench And A Giveaway

this is a DIY bench... its made from a bed frame!!! yikes! i have an old bed frame, must do this... but where would I put it?? LOL! by jana

DIY: custom bench made from an old twin bed frame! So cheap and easy!

Benches tips-tricks Make bench from old bed frame---use two boards for seat

Build a Garden Bench from a Bed What can you do with a beat up old bed frame that has a headboard and footboard? Why build a bench of course! This can probably be adapted to add some storage under the seat too.

Build a Garden Bench from a Bed