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How to Build Stone Steps into a Hill

These four herb gardens are each designed to fit into a 12-square-foot area, to help you make the best use of space near your kitchen door.

DIY: vertical garden (video)

These special plants provide beauty, fragrance, food, medicine and more.

10 Edible, Herbal and Medicinal Flowers

Top-bar beekeeping is a is less expensive method to raise bees that will pollinate your crops and provide natural, organic honey fresh from the comb.

Easy Garden Brews to make your plants happy!

MOTHER's bioshelter greenhouse uses both solar heat and compost heat, housing plants as well as rabbits and chickens. The article includes information on structure, notes on construction, and floor plans.

How to Start a Ladybug Garden How to Start a Ladybug Garden Who doesn’t love ladybugs? These easily recognizable, friendly little insects are yellow, orange, or scarlet and have small black spots on their wings. The benefits of having ladybugs in your garden include being able to cut back on pesticides and ridding your flower beds of aphids and other insect pests. Also known as lady beetles or ladybirds, the ladybug can be your best fri

Ranking Vegetables for Efficiency "This list from the National Garden Bureau rates vegetables based on their total yield per square foot, average value per pound, and length of time in the garden."

Rubber Door Mats pressed into a concrete mold and later removed, to make stepping stones! There are lots of other fabulous concrete projects on this page!

Flower Chart. You'll be glad you pinned this when it comes time

Another pinner said: Non toxic tomato worm control . I don't remember where I learned this, but I've been using this method for 30 yrs and it really works. Get yourself an old jar & poke holes in the lid. Fill the jar with plain white flour and sprinkle it liberally over your tomatoes. I've never had an issue with horn worms or other pests with this. I also use it on cabbage & broccoli with good luck.

Re-purposing two hanging jumper storer's into strawberry planter's..

plant fruit trees close together and keep them very small to increase production. Great tips here to grow lots of fruit in a very small space!

Planning a vegetable and herb garden

Build your own garden cart for hauling everything from bags of mulch to flats of flowers. Made from durable, straight-grain white ash, this heirloom cart will be a garden workhorse for years.

Survival Gardening -- This man has some awesome tips and ideas for the ultimate survival gardens!

Potting Mix Recipe - Easy step-by-step instructions & tutorial to make a high quality low-cost potting mix. Suitable for growing nutrient dense food but can be adapted to any plants. Tutorial helps you avoid common problems with bagged mixes; explains 5 reasons to make your own & the key roles each of the ingredients play in the mix so you can substitute if needed. Get started with a basic recipe & save money. Essential skill to learn if you're a container gardener! | The Micro Gardener