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Unusual Homes

Polka dots and leopard print exterior paint? Rainbow decor? Printed toilets? It's all here in our Unusual Homes gallery!

That's not just any old car parked on a boat - it's an Amphicar — a combo car and boat first made in the early 1960s.

INDOOR Stone Steps that go downstairs to a Rec Room with a Koi Pond in it! (more pictures at the link)

Milan Futuristic Cave House

YUP - this house is Clad Entirely in Fake Grass

Here's a House That's Been Clad Entirely in Fake Grass

Hollowed out in 1946 from a single log, the Famous One-Log House was created from a redwood tree over 2100 years old! This section alone weighed 42 tons.

One Log House Espresso & Gifts Redwood Tourist Attraction

Unusual Artist’s Holiday Retreat - cylindrical cabin, with sleeping pods

The Hobbit House stands in Switzerland, near the famed Vals thermal baths. The building was supposedly built this way -- sunk into the mountain -- so as not to disturb the natural environment ... The home is only accessible via a secret entrance in a nearby barn or by, you know, walking up to the big conspicuous hole in the ground and jumping in.

This real-life Flintstones house stands in Nas Montanhas de Fafe, Portugal. It was built in 1974 and used as a family's rural retreat. Even though the house is next to several immense wind turbines, it still has no running water or electricity. Instead, all of their appliances have been replaced by repurposed animals that spout smarmy one-liners like "it's a living" when in use.

This house is cutely titled Just Room Enough. At first sight, it looks a picture taken 30 seconds before somebody died in a flood, but the structure is actually built on an island exactly the size of the house. Located between Canada and America on the St. Lawrence River, Just Room Enough was bought by the Sizeland family in the 1950s. They purchased the little parcel of land in the hopes of having somewhere to go to to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and they figured an inaccessible island fortress with literally no earth around it on which strangers could stand would work nicely. Instead, due to the novelty of the house, the island quickly became a tourist magnet.

  • J V

    my husband and i were just talking about this house. there is another in the same area but it's smaller and on a bigger island

Hey honey, don't splash so much in your bubble bath -you're getting the bed all wet!

David Rasmussen tree houses.

philips eco-friendly microbial home methane bio-digester the 'bio-digester' is a kitchen island that includes a chopping surface with waste grinder and gas cooking range. in the device, 'bio-gas' is produced by developing gas-generating bacteria cultures that live off of organic waste. the bacterias' gas is collected and burnt, for use in the built-in cooking range and lights or sent through to heat water pipes and be used in other components of the 'microbial home'.