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7 Habits of Happy Kids

Videos and more to help students/children better understand 7 Habits.

7 Habits lesson Franklin Says Sorry

One Lesson at a Time: Character Calendars: A Year-Long Character Ed Program

Tree Fu Tom... great videos to identify 7 habits... they have a great one for think win win

TFT Series 1 Reel

Tracking our WIGs (wildly important goals) for the leader in me process. A target to keep track of our fluency words per minute and out multiplication fact progress.

technology rocks. seriously.: School Signs AWESOME FREE PRINTABLES- for any subject really

technology rocks. seriously.: School Signs

Note to a Bully (not just for kids)

I used an object lesson today about hiding sin. You use a glass filled with coke and drop buttons in it. The glass represents the person and the buttons are sins. Sins we think we get away with, like lying or saying bad words when noone is around...... At first the buttons sink and you can't see them. Later the buttons start popping up to the top.

Vote for the “OFFICIAL SODA” of SodaHead ?

For Kids and Adults... Seek First

More awesomeness!! These should be recited daily by kids and teens (well, anyone really) struggling with themselves.

Child Therapy Toys - 30 Affirmation Posters for Children

Books to Teach Fairness... WIN WIN

Grade One Snapshots: It's Not Fair

Anti-Bullying Books for the Classroom ~ Free compilation with a bit of info about each book.

a year of many firsts: the book nook (anti-bullying books)

List of read alouds that go along with the 7 Habits

individual pictures of students make up the saying! great idea