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A word search with everyone's names. Circle the name of the recipient. Use Puzzlemaker on DiscoveryEducation.

Wine glasses with gilding corresponding to different levels of liquid's musical notes if the glasses are "played" around the rim or chimed. Fantastic.

such a clever design! spoon + chopstick.

Affordable, lightweight, sturdy, compact, recyclable furniture. Yes.

Dirt poster by bureau Knipoog. Via Blog Vierenveertig Original art is from

yeah - this is handy. Not strictly necessary, but handy.

WIND1.000000 has been designed to increase public acceptance of wind power plants which are often considered as spoiling the scenery. WIND1.000000 fully integrates into its surrounding by making use of existing power cables, thus also strengthening the coherence between windmills and electricity production. In addition, it counters the energy losses in long-distance power-cable energy supply. WIND1.000000 rotates around the power cable to which it is attached generating energy through electromagnetic induction; the energy is then transmitted directly into the grid.

Solid Poetry is a new kind of concrete that reveals a pattern once it gets wet. Dry, it looks like regular concrete (just like a regular hypercolor tee) but wet, a flower pattern emerges and then disappears again as it dries.

Most large museums and art galleries today provide some kind of personal audio device that visitors can carry with them if they wish to learn more about the various exhibits on display. A similar idea has been implemented at the Brühl’s Terrace in Dresden, Germany, but instead of having to wear headphones or hold some device to their ear, visitors simply need to rest their elbows on a metal rail and cover their ears with their hands. Using bone conduction technology (or what they call ‘Touched Echo’) the sounds of airplanes and explosions simulating the air raid that occurred on February 13, 1945 are transmitted from the metal rail through the visitor’s arms and directly into the inner ear.The sounds are completely inaudible to someone who isn’t touching the rail, and since the terrace is located outside, the bone conduction system is a perfect solution because it’s completely weatherproof.

In the depths of northeastern India, in one of the wettest places on earth, bridges aren’t built – they’re grown. The living bridges of Cherrapunji, India are made from the roots of the Ficus elastica tree. This tree produces a series of secondary roots from higher up its trunk and can comfortably perch atop huge boulders along the riverbanks. The War-Khasis, a tribe in Meghalaya, long ago noticed this tree and saw in its powerful roots an opportunity to easily cross the area’s many rivers. Now, whenever and wherever the need arises, they simply grow their bridges. So unlike our modern bridges, who need regular maintenance this bridge only gets stronger in time.

There’s a real logistics problem with current shipping containers. If a container crosses the Pacific loaded with Toyotas and goes back empty, that’s a huge waste of fuel. But despite their best efforts, it happens all the time. And even if they weigh different amounts, 1,000 empty containers take up the same amount of space as 1,000 full containers, meaning the ships are forced to make the same amount of trips each way. That will change if Dutch entrepreneur Renaat Giesbers folding shipping container makes it into production. When empty, the Cargoshell can be folded flat, taking up only 25% of its original volume. Ships can carry four times as many empty containers as full. And the Cargoshell is made from composites rather than steel, which give off far less CO2 during the production process.

"Are you sickened by the amount of power that’s consumed by all of the electronics in your life? This outlet regulator sure is, and it’s certainly not going to hold back any of its feelings. A working concept designed by RISD student Conor Klein this device lets you know when your electronic gadget has had its fair share of juice by physically spitting its greedy plug out onto the floor."