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Friendship knows no color! Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks -- Iconic image

A picture says 1,000 words. Oppression/discrimination. We have evolved to eliminate some prejudices, but we still have so far to go...

"In my youth, violence became my enemy. Photography, writing, music and film are the weapons I use against it." - Gordon Parks

martin parr Interested in Art? Check out the artist Leo Alexander Scott .... leoalexanderscott...

A Collection of Some of the Most Iconic 20th Century Photography

Martin Parr, Time Off

Martin Parr, Time Off

These photographs were taken at a reunion in Las Vegas for former Playboy bunnies. They are raw photos that aren’t touched up or manipulated in any way. These are part of photographer Robyn Twomey‘s Playboy series. Some people may look at these photographs and see old women who are no longer beautiful. Other people may see the strong, confident beauty that women carry with them for their entire lives. Just like everything else, it’s all in your perspective.

Playboy Bunnies When They Get Older [10 Pics]

Dreamtography by Kylie Woon ...Kylie seems to have a direct line into the collective dreamstate. Mirroring the surrealism of sleepy-time fantasies...

this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

Random Pictures Of The Day - 70 Pics

WOWlebrities Mathu Andersen makeup Living Legends instagram

Top 10 Mathu Andersen Instagram Pics - World of Wonder

Kristian Cvecek uses slow shutter speeds to capture firefly movements between the trees and ferns.

Mother Daughter Portrait Ideas | Cute mother daughter Picture idea

Cute mother daughter Picture idea | PICTURE IDEAS | Pinterest

A spliced portrait of the photographer's 13 year old daughter and his 62 year old mother. Amazing! (Photo courtesy Ulric Collette)

The Grandmother-Granddaughter Mini-Me Portrait You Must See

Now Then...soon it will be Then and Now!!! Jehovahs promise to return all his people to their youth!!!

# creative photography # camera dwarves, super cute. Art class ? :)

Sometimes you can see what's coming - often there aint a lot you can do about it. (CyClOpS by By loublanc2)

„Shopped!“, is the constant cry of internet’s sceptic and avid web browser. But after seeing Thomas Barbéy’s works many sceptics are pleased to say “’Shopped”. Barbéy’s surrealistic manipulations are not only works of retouching and airbrushing – he also sticks the negatives together, photographs them, uses other techniques to reach the concept vision he had in his mind first – but few are able to resist the gripping illusion.

would make for an interesting photo about photoshop in magazines and societies unrealistic expectations.

Fine Art Photography, Skeleton Portrait, The Dance, Black and White, 5x5 Print, Figure Photograph, Surreal Portrait. $11.25, via Etsy.