WLW-T TV 5 BOB BRAUN & PAUL DIXON on the cover of CINCINNATI POST TV TIME magazine September 16, 1973 by CINCINNATI TV & RADIO HISTORY, via Flickr

First Ohio White Castle, built in Cincinnati in 1929. 5 cent hamburgers!

Loveland Castle, Loveland, ohio


The Mount Adams Steps at Holy Cross/Immaculata Church

Remember Bob Shreve?

Bob Shreve (July 16, 1912 – February 20, 1990) was a first-generation television broadcasting personality based in Cincinnati, Ohio ...Past Prime Time Playhouse was my favorite

Flooded warehouses Elm St. looking north, Cincinnati, Ohio (LOC)

Vintage Toledo TV - WSPD & WTVG-TV 13 Print ads - Welcome Home Phil (Fri 8/13/76 ad for The Phil Donahue Show)

♥~The Paul Dixon Show. He wouldn't get away with 1/4 of the stuff he got away with back then. RIP Paul Baby

♥ Marian Spelman - a regular on the Ruth Lyons Show and Bob Braun Show

TV shows - The Bob Braun Show- My mom watched this religiously!

1950s RUTH LYONS 50-50 CLUB WLW radio & WLW-T TV Cincinnati promotional folder packet with BOB BRAUN & MARIAN SPELMAN by CINCINNATI TV & RADIO HISTORY, via Flickr

♥ Bob Braun and Paul Dixon WLW Cincinnati's Finest

Paul Dixon, another icon

Bob Braun Show

The Nick Clooney Show on Channel 9, August 13, 1971

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