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Sloth that appreciates a nice boob | The 25 Greatest Sloths The Internet Has Ever Seen

These two will always be my favorite movie parents…

Forget Waldo, Where's Your Fandom?-- I found IronMan, Thor, Loki, Darth Vader, Sherlock and Watson, TARDIS, Rory Amy River Jack 11, Professor X, Sam Dean & Castiel, and Patrick Jane being chased by Lisbon.

Sisters of Plenitude, cat nuns from Dr who

Clockwork Lady from Dr. Who. this. this is amazing

Idea for Dr Who Cosplay. I loved this episode :)

Martha Jones (Doctor Who) cosplay

This geeky little girl decided to dress up as 11 of the doctors from Dr. Who. -- Cutest thing ever.

Doctor Who cosplay

Adventure Time Cosplay - BMO by ~problematiiques on deviantART

Fionna and Finn (Adventure Time) cosplay! Cute couple costume!

Violet, Incredibles cosplay. Incredible Incredibles cosplay. #disney #pixar

I'm pretty sure this is in disney world/land... But it's the best Merida cosplay Iv'e EVER seen

The Last Airbender = --- = twilight books

19 Fiercely Feminine "Doctor Who" Cosplays omg i want that outfit i want to b her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ahsoka Tano from Animated Star Wars #LFCC #Cosplay 2013

Star Trek cosplay... I posted this because I like Star Trek. Yep. That's why I posted it. Yessir....

Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean). Phoenix ComiCon 2012. #cosplay

Excellent My Little Pony ideas for cami's halloween costume. Only maybe, less.... revealing :-)

Awesome Han Solo cosplay, the chewbacca backpack really sells it

Monster High Frankie Stein #cosplay. Great for Halloween and comic conventions.

Rocketeer is one of my favorite characters and this cosplay version is awesome Lady Rocketeer- SDCC 2012

Perry the Platypus Cosplay! Future Halloween costume. So cute!

Big damn heroes, sir. - Imgur (Great Zoe cosplay!)