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Electric circuit - Worksheets & Activities | GreatSchools

Simple Electrical Circuits for Kids. (Think of ways to expand this to more complex electrical engineering lessons)

The activity is extremely thorough and provides a great introduction to electric circuits for students aged 7 through 11. The Blobz Guide has five sections: What Are Circuits, Conductors and Insulators, Switches, Changing a Circuit, and Circuit Diagrams. In each section, students go through a basic information activity, a hands-on reinforcement activity, and an assessment activity.

Bill Nye the Science Guy: electric circuits video.

Is this connected to that? Use a homemade electronic tester to find out if electricity can flow between two objects. What do lamps, computers, televisions, printers, and kitchen appliances all have in common? They all need electricity to work. In order for electricity to provide power to these devices, it has to flow into and out of them. In this electronics science fair project, you will make your own simple circuit tester and use it to study how electricity flows through a lamp.

Help your students understand how protons are the positively charged particles and electrons are the negativley charged particles by charging their own iPod with an onion.

Nice science fair display board

Nice science fair display board