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My Friend is Ill - How Can I Help?

Have you ever asked, "How can I help my friend who is sick?" When a friend has a chronic illness it can be hard to know what to do to encourage someone because she may NEVER actually get better! Here are some great ideas for reaching out and you can find more in our book "Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend" at http://beyond

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My Friend is Ill - How Can I Help?

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How to Help a Friend Who Has An Invisible Illness

How to Help a Friend Who Has An Invisible Illness

Understanding the difference between acute and chronic pain. Most people with chronic illness understand the difference all too well, but this article also attempts to explain it to the loved ones of those in pain so the understand it better.

Each of us have something to give someone. "You don't have to be all things to all people but be something to someone," (Lisa Copen). Consider who in your life NEEDS truly encouraged. Who is invisible to the people in his or her life and feeling lonely because of it. Who is coming up on a tough "anniversary" of a diagnosis or loss? Don't overwhelm yourself... Just do something. [links to Lisa's book Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend] #invisibleillness #spoonie

Illness SupportBeyond Casseroles

Greeting Card Messages

Greeting Card Messages

What does a real friend need? Someone’s presence–that is all. I think this song will touch you, because we have all had one of those days when we wanted nothing–even from Jesus–accept for Him to “Hold Me Whole I Cry”–the name of the song, with Karen Peck and New River. Hope it blesses you today. -Lisa

Depression and RA can go hand in hand, are you doing all you can do to help someone hurting emotionally?

6 Ways to Powerfully Encourage Others

ARE YOUR WORDS TO ONE WHO IS ILL HURTING OR HELPING? Sometimes words slip out, even with the best of intentions, so it is helpful to know what can cause hurt instead of help.

Do you ever ask yourself if you see the person first... Or the disability? it is natural to see the disability... But move on and acknowledge the person. Look them in the eye, smile.

We all have some kind of encouragement we can give to another and this song has a wonderful message and reminder, as Matt Maher sings “Hold ...

YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT SOMEONE IS EXPERIENCING, but you can still care and share his or her burden. Does God give us just what WE can handle? How can we share the burdens of each other?

How Do we Bear the Burden of Another When We Don't Understand?

HOW CAN YOU HELP SOMEONE WHO IS DEPRESSED? This is a great list of what to say and what not to say to someone who is depressed. Some of them are HARD to practise, but it will make ALL the difference in their life and what kind of friendship you have. Are you a safe person?

How to Help a Depressed Loved One

How to Help Someone Who Has an Addiction: Helpful things to do and hurtful things to avoid

A Letter to One Afflicted With Illness (From One Who is Also Afflicted)

One of the hardest ways to be a real friend is to be a REAL friend... and this means putting aside your own agenda and finding out what your friend really needs. She will never forget your sacrifice of letting go of your original plans. #invisibleillness (links to how to be a friend to one who is ill)

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    I've been struggling to say this to you this says what I wanted to convey - no matter what and always in my heart you are

Sincerely Yours, The Value of the Handwritten Note

Sincerely Yours, The Value of the Handwritten Note

What To Do For Those Who Are Hurting When You Don’t Know What To Do

CECIL MURPHEY, best-selling author of 90 Minutes in Heaven, shares from his new book on how to help a friend who has cancer.

Cecil Murphey Tells What to do For Friend with Cancer

Hospital survival kit for a new Mom

Chemo Survival Kit

Mama Loves Shoes: Cancer Sucks

How Do I Help My Family Member with Mental Illness? | Memoirs about mental illness serve a purpose; we learn from stories. But - no magic answers. Here are excellent resources for practical advice about what to do.