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Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes to change your attitude and lift your spirits, even if just for a moment.

FATHER DUNLEAVY AND BILL MAITLAND ON THE BONNE CHANCE DISCUSSING ALINE DES JARDINS: “All I can tell you is that you seem to make her happy. Does she make you happy?” MAITLAND: I thought about his question. Are crack addicts happy when they are deep in a drug addled dream world? Are drug dealers happy when they’ve made a big score? Was Doug happy the night he took my wife? Was happiness the only thing that mattered in this life?

Whatever you decide

Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it - YSL - #quotes #ysl #emrata #famest

Perception...The Silent Killer


Those who are the most successful in business - and in life - are the ones who can define themselves separate from any outside influence and celebrate the uniqueness of their own point of view. If you love quotes and you love to share them, click the photo for more or click here... retailindustry.ab... #success #business #quotes

Inspired Insight Leadership Quote

... and just be happy knowing that whenever they open their mouths, they are eating your dust. #quotes #inspiration

It is profoundly true that anyone can make anything happen when it's important enough. If you love quotes and you love to share them, click the image for more or click here >> retailindustry.ab... #quotations #inspiration