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Kylie Minogue in a three tier ra-ra skirt on the cover of her 80s single "The Locomotion"

My Little Pony themed "I Love The 80s" pink T-shirt

Ladies White glittery/sparkly "80s Chick" logo T-shirt

Retro 80s T-Shirts for Men and Women at

Shell suits - one of many awful eighties fashion fads!

1980s - Girl in a zebra print dress with batwing sleeves

80s Fashion at

2-tier Ra-Ra Mini Skirts - perfect for creating an eighties costume

80s Fashion at

Simon Le Bon's mullet

Top Ten Most Popular 80s Music Artists at

Madonna's Like A Virgin outfit with the infamous "Boy Toy" belt.

Madonna Costumes - 80s Fancy Dress at

Zebra Print Sports Bra for an 80s workout style

80s Fashion: 80s Aerobics Fashion

Create a low-cost Flashdance Jennifer Beals costume with this loose fit, long sleeved crop top. Wear off the shoulder and add a black leotard and leggings.

80s Fashion: 80s Aerobics Fashion

Neon Pink Animal Print Bodysuit - ideal for 80s dress-up

80s Fashion: 80s Aerobics Fashion

Women's Retro 80s Gym Shorts (Dolphin Shorts) with cord drawstring

The Green Goddess (Diana Moran) provided regular aerobics style workouts on BBC Breakfast Time wearing a green leotard.

80s Fashion at

Ladies sparkly "I Love 80s" neon message, off shoulder batwing T-Shirt - black or white available.

80s Fashion: I Love The 80s T-Shirts

Ladies "Back to the 80s" glow-in-the-dark T-shirt

Latest 80s Tees at

80s glam metal - Poison on the sleeve of their single "Your Mama Don't Dance" (1989)

80s Fashion: 80s Hair Metal Band Fashion

80s Neon Balls Stretchy Wrist Bracelet Set (five colours)

80s Accessories - Earrings - Jewellery at

Ray-Ban 3025 Blue Mirror Lens Aviators

Ray-Ban 3025 gold frame, green aviators