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Kylie Minogue in a three tier ra-ra skirt on the cover of her 80s single "The Locomotion"

My Little Pony themed "I Love The 80s" pink T-shirt

Ladies White glittery/sparkly "80s Chick" logo T-shirt

Retro 80s T-Shirts for Men and Women at

Shell suits - one of many awful eighties fashion fads!

1980s - Girl in a zebra print dress with batwing sleeves

80s Fashion at

2-tier Ra-Ra Mini Skirts - perfect for creating an eighties costume

80s Fashion at

Simon Le Bon's mullet

Top Ten Most Popular 80s Music Artists at

Madonna's Like A Virgin outfit with the infamous "Boy Toy" belt.

Madonna Costumes - 80s Fancy Dress at

Zebra Print Sports Bra for an 80s workout style

80s Fashion: 80s Aerobics Fashion

Create a low-cost Flashdance Jennifer Beals costume with this loose fit, long sleeved crop top. Wear off the shoulder and add a black leotard and leggings.

80s Fashion: 80s Aerobics Fashion

Neon Pink Animal Print Bodysuit - ideal for 80s dress-up

80s Fashion: 80s Aerobics Fashion

Women's Retro 80s Gym Shorts (Dolphin Shorts) with cord drawstring

80s Fashion at

The Green Goddess (Diana Moran) provided regular aerobics style workouts on BBC Breakfast Time wearing a green leotard.

80s Fashion at

Ladies sparkly "I Love 80s" neon message, off shoulder batwing T-Shirt - black or white available.

80s Fashion: I Love The 80s T-Shirts

Ladies "Back to the 80s" glow-in-the-dark T-shirt

Latest 80s Tees at

80s glam metal - Poison on the sleeve of their single "Your Mama Don't Dance" (1989)

80s Fashion: 80s Hair Metal Band Fashion

80s Neon Balls Stretchy Wrist Bracelet Set (five colours)

80s Accessories - Earrings - Jewellery at

Ray-Ban 3025 Blue Mirror Lens Aviators

Ray-Ban 3025 gold frame, green aviators