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Retro Technology

Technology from the 20th century

Commodore Amiga 500 16 bit home computer with monitor and floppy drive (1987)

The travel alarm clock that snapped inside this case..these were cool!

Modish Vintage: March 2009

80s gold tone digital watch

80s Fashion: 80s Digital Watches

Commodore Chessmate (1978)

Coleco Adam computer (produced from Oct 1983 until Jan 1985)

Coleco Adam computer

British Airways Concorde which was in service from 1976 until 2003

1980s Technology and Electronics at

Sony Betamax 1978 - Was the superior system, but VHS had the success

Humorously Outdated Vintage Technology Ads - icanbeCreative

Nestle's Chocolate vending machines

The Hidden Glasgow Forums • View topic - Swedgers

70s Trim Phone

Mechanical wind-up alarm clock with real bells - no worrying about batteries, sockets, leads etc.

Retro Vintage Gift Ideas at

Whistling Kettle

Retro Vintage Gift Ideas at

IBM Selectric. Used one of these in my typing class.

Amstrad midi system

1970s Brother Charisma II, 4-Channel Matrix/Discrete Tabletop 8-Track Stereo with Turntable AM-FM Radio

Desk Pencil sharpener.

Reel to Reel Player/Recorder.

Historic Wintersburg - Huntington Beach, California: March 2012

Sinclair ZX81 - 80s home computer

basic calculator 1972.....cost almost a hundred dollars!

Hand Held Calculator from 1972

Original Swan Compact Teasmade - Retro Vintage 1980's

Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More | eBay

Tandy 2000 computer advert with Bill Bixby

Sony SL-HF750 Super Beta Hi Fi BetaMax NTSC VCR Video Player/Recorder

Casio PV-1000.

William Shatner advert for Commodore Computers

Commodore computers and peripherals from the 1980s