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funny how cute stuff is when it's wet

Sad Eyes Make Me Swoony
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Some People Make Me Do This

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jus chillin'

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Animals that don't suck (41 Photos)
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the eyes have it

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i like to pin cute crap every once in a while in hopes it balances out all the bizardo stuff i post.

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at first i thought this tiny antelope had a glass leg.

  • Eddy Odat

    I never really ate antelope but after seeing this I will definitely give it a try :)

  • Cecilia Hempen

    Antelope doesn't taste very good. It's alot gamier than deer.

  • Nicole Pinter Lampe

    Antelope tastes awesome! It is less gamier than deer due to them eating sage as opposed to corn and grass...

  • Dessy Fears

    you ppl are evil! look at the lil thing!! how could u possibly think about eating it!!

  • Kalista :)

    what append to it leg ??????? Dessy Fears is right dont be mean he is a cutie

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Look at this cat riding a rooster.

13 Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day
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Tithorea tarricina chrysalis..before the transformation

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amazing shot

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untitled by soul.glo on Flickr, Jared Zellig

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time for that talk about catnip.

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woah easy tiger!

whats so funny why don't you share it with the rest of us?

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