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rare find...clown skull...hehe

Mossy Roots of Beech Tree by elhawk - Dave Pearson. i see a skull.

In France it is legal to marry a dead person.

sculptures made with old skateboards

Haroshi e os shapes antigos — Referans
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long winter

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  • Lyndi Purcell

    Since we can't send msgs I just thought you should know I love all your posts, the artistic ones, the clever, the disturbing, I hope you don't mind I repin them

  • Lyndi Purcell

    I hope you don't mind I repin them so much ;) I hope you have a wonderful night!

  • Christine Williams

    where can you buy one these are amazing

  • charley mccoy

    @Lyndi Purcell - thanks for following and your comments!

Tree of Death - Worth1000 Contests
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Inside Your Face

relaxing after a log day at work

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Cubone IRL.

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dunny of the dead by hydro74

FFFFOUND! | Hydro74
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