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“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”- Lao Tzu

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing. Love is knowing I am everything and between the two my life moves.

"I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to myself."-Warsan Shire #poetry #warsanshire #love

☪ As she walked along she dramatized the night. There was about it a wild, lawless charm that appealed to a certain wild, lawless strain hidden deep in her nature-the strain of the gypsy and the poet, the genius and the fool. | L.M. Montgomery

So open up your "head" and let the sun shine in...a cloudless Mind.

happy words to live by - High Mysticism, 226, Emma... Only one objective is worth our one-pointed, undivided attention. Only one objective has healing on its returning beam. That objective is the Watcher hitherward, whose soundless call is, "Look unto Me" -- Behold I bring thee health and smile, God loves you... sugarboo designs

think about it :) | Lovely Little Details

wise words

Raise your vibrational frequency to a higher level of consciousness.

Carl Jung, score!

Abraham Maslow says...

"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go." - Rumi

Hope is for the flowers...

Dean Jackson | Persona

Kwan Yin Bodhisattva

When you get to the end of your life running, when you've lost your wind and strength, then what is left to shroud the denial? To deny love is by far the greatest of all human travesties because it is self-inflicted.

He's a gentleman... Only a true lady would know such things...

You can know when a sin is forgiven When you come across it in your mind it no longer stings It was never about the injury It was always about the pain inside The Everyday Mystic, The Little House

Sparkle Plenty The Everyday Mystic The Little House Way...glow, girl, glow, the world concentrates on finding the dark a perfect place to shine, the world!

Only one woman in this world gives me butterflies every moment I lay eyes on her. She is my world, my everything, My Hope...I would rather live alone than live without her ... My Love.

Paradox: The only way to know for sure... is to reject the cult of certainty by becoming comfortable in the presence of unknowns.

Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity. (TS Eliot)