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Oshun Altar - full moon for Oshun

Santeria OCHUN OSHUN OXUM LOVE POTION Spell Oil ~Extremely Powerful~

These black snake pellets are intended to bring the power of Cobra into your magick to protect your home and family. Use it in rituals of Santeria, Voodoo, spiritual healing, and for cleansings and jinx removing. Light one end of the powerful ritual aids to release the power within! Each packet contains 12 pellets. $2.95

Santeria Altar by Tom Kilroy, via Flickr


Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, Nigeria - The dense forests are one of the final remnants of high forests in southern Nigeria. It is the last sacred grove of the Yoruba culture.

# Santeria pratictioner (Cuba, 1996) @ Photo by Phyllis Galembo

Shango Bracelet The Orisha Of Justice by houseofeleggua on Etsy, $18.00

Oshun Santería Goddess Doll

Devotees inside the Obatala Shrine in Ile-Ife, Nigeria playing bells and dancing for Obatala.

Saint Barbara Lucumi/Santa Barbara Afircana or Erzulie Danthor, beautiful statue representing a powerful and spiritual essence.

Shango was the forth king of the ancient Oyo Empire, the West African center of culture and politics for the Yoruba people.After his death, he became known as the god of thunder and lightning. In artwork, such as this wood carving, he is often depicted with a double ax on his head, the symbol of a thunderbolt, or he is depicted as a fierce ram

A candle shelf inside a botanica. The candles are used for a different Santeria spell—Protection, Money, Love, Go Away Evil, etc. Herbs and oils are usually sprinkled and dripped over the top of the candle to execute the spell, with each color representing a different intention.

Botanica case containing statues and ritual booklets common to Santeria practice.

Cuba's rich and long history, coupled with isolation from much of the developing world until recently, has created a unique culture on the island nation that will intrigue and surprise visitors as they delve into the daily lives of locals on International Expeditions’ people-to-people Cuba travel program. There's even a religion among parts of the Afro-Cuban population on the island, known as the Santeria religion, that may be completely unfamiliar to individuals from other parts of the world.