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Water and dairy kefir recipes and how to's.

Homemade Sodas: Water Kefir Drink Recipes

Homemade Sodas: Water Kefir Drink Recipes | The Rebuild Blog

Mango Lassi and Strawberry-Honey Yogurt Popsicles

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    I wonder if we could sub the yogurt for dairy kefir?

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    Recipes for Natural Living FB page member Amy shared the following recipe: GF/CF Fudgesicles -1/2 cup coconut milk or kefir -1/2 C water -1/2 cup almond butter or peanut butter -2 tbsp honey -2 tbsp protein powder -2 tbsp raw cacao powder (or ½ cocoa ½ carob) -2 tbsp chia seeds or flax seeds -¼ tsp stevia powder Blend in blender. Makes 5 fudgesicles.

Non-dairy kefir from seed/nut milks (Great for vegans or those w/ dairy allergies)

Dom's non-dairy milk in-site

How to for water kefir

Water Kefir: How to Brew Water Kefir — Nourished Kitchen
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    Accidental find: I was making strawberry WK and was brewing it for a couple of days. I had plopped the berries straight in this time. Tried it today and realized that I must have forgotten the sugar! D'oh! It still tastes like kefir but isn't sweet at all. I added some honey and vanilla to it and it tastes a little like mead! Not so strong in flavor but a hint of it anyway. So just in case you forget to give your grains sugar but do have some fruit, maybe try adding honey to your glass of strained water kefir and see if it does the same for you. :)

Recipes for various flavors of water kefir

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    Blackberry Water Kefir *1 C. water kefir *5 fresh or frozen blackberries Add the blackberries to the strained water kefir and leave for a second fermentation of 24 hours.

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    Recipes for Natural Living FB page member Barb shared the following recipe: GRAPE JUICE WATER KEFIR My kids favorite way to drink water kefir is to add it to grape juice. Truly, you'll hear one of them call out to the others that there's grape juice kefir in the fridge as soon as they notice it. LOL Sooo, I use a Knudsen's Grape Juice and add it to the glass pitcher which already has my quart of water kefir in it. I try to let it ferment for another 24 hours after combining the two, but if the kids know it's there, they start begging for it. That's it - nice and easy... add the juice to the water kefir and let it set up to 24 hours. If you get that far. :-)

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    Strawberry Banana Kefir *2 T. water kefir grains *2 T. sugar (cane/white or beet ) *2 C. water *1/3 of a ripe banana Make your kefir like the Plain Water Kefir recipe but instead of dried fruit add 1/3 of a peeled banana. I put mine in a cloth tea bag so that it doesn't fall apart in my water kefir and it makes it easier to strain. Let your kefir ferment for 2 days with the banana. After the second day, remove the banana and strain your grains from your kefir. Bottle the kefir and add 4 strawberries (I only had frozen) that have been cut in half. Cap and allow to sit for another 12-18 hours. Be careful when you open the jar! Strawberry seems to produce quite a bit of effervescence, which is great but you don't want it to explode or bubble all over you when you open it! :) This is a REALLY tasty recipe and one of my new fav's! It was the fizziest kefir we've had thus far too so my kids loved it!

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    Recipes for Natural Living FB page member shared the following (link at the bottom, couldn't attach in a pin) Ginger Ale Water Kefir -shared by a member who found the recipe online 4-5 T. sucanat, rapadura, agave nectar, maple syrup, or other crystalized sugar 1 T. water kefir grains about 1 quart filtered or spring water 3 to 5 slices peeled ginger 1 slice lemon or squirt of lemon juice (optional) Preparation Instructions 1. Add water kefir grains and sweetener to a non-airtight quart sized jar or bottle. 2. Add enough water to fill up the jar or bottle while leaving about 1 inch of space at the top. 3. Shake or stir until the sugars are completely dissolved. Add ginger slices. 4. Cover with a non-airtight lid and allow to brew at room temperature for 24 to 48+ hours. 5. When it's done to your liking, strain out the grains, discarding ginger slices. Add lemon if desired, and store covered, in the fridge. 6. For an especially fizzy brew, strain out grains and decant water kefir about 1/2 day before it's done into airtight bottles and allow to ferment at room temperature for another 1/2 day before storing in the fridge. Open with caution as the drink may be strongly carbonated.

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    WATER/JUICE KEFIR *3 cups organic grape juice (Knudsens, Harvest Farms) *2 cups ionized or distilled water (not reverse osmosis) *2 cups organic unsweetened cranberry juice (Knudsens) *Ginger root slices or fresh ginger buds (sprouted off an old root), crushed *1 Tbsp red or black currants, organic, semi-crushed *3-6 tangerine sections. crushed (no peel) *Splash of lemon juice (optional) *1/2 cup Domino organic sugar or other light brown sugar (amount is very optional) *1 tsp molasses (optional... if deleted, then add some brown sugar?) *Pinch of baking soda *1" piece of cleaned eggshell w *all* membrane removed from (rubbed or peeled off) the inside (final rinse after washing shell should be in white vinegar to rid of any chlorine) Add any other fruit you like of course... I'm experimenting w wineberries, which would go well in this recipe, as well as blackberry, red or black raspberry, mango, figs... or winegrapes or regular grapes of any variety. Measurements are approximate for all ingredients of course :) I made this up, and it tastes to me like those expensive, adult-style non-alcoholic wine-type beverages, like the "12" brand, which cost $8-$12 per 25 oz bottle? Cost of this recipe: approx $3-$4 per 2 quarts? I've made it w Harvest Farms grape juice, which is a combo of mostly red w some white, but you could fashion this like a wine, and make red, white or blush I'm sure (wish I had some of those tiny champagne grapes I've seen in the store years ago ;) Enjoy! Impress your non-drinking party guests!

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Storing and Preserving Water and Kefir Grains

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