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Skull made out of flowers

Tri Sigma PITT (teamtrisig) on Twitter

accurate representation of my life

Twitter / potterandevans: accurate representation of ...

Sonic Wand - Harry Potter's wand meets Doctor Who's sonic screwdriver (WAAAANT)


Perfect description of the big three! Haha, I love that Supernatural's Hades because you're literally in hell half the, literally, that's the show.

Even Matt Smith is Cumberbatched...hahahaha

Matt Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch

Cool engagement rings / iFunny :)

Well Benedict, if we have to live together forever, we might as well just get married

Captain America 2 by *GraphiteDoll on deviantART

Wishful thinking.... Maybe after Chris Evans has fulfilled all his Captain America movies...

The many functions of Captain America's Shield

I think I need to look at this when I need one of those self-esteem boosts. Just the words someone else put to the picture are what makes me like this. Thanks to whoever made this, you made me ;]

Tony Stark's bedtime