Pulp Frisson

During the heyday of fiction magazines, cover artists were challenged to come up with novel ways to make the magazine stand out in an overcrowded newsstand. Sometimes that led to some pretty odd artistic choices.

An allegory of the Comcast/Time-Warner merger.

Bob Ross, before discovering the joy of painting.

So... the guide to happiness is a loose bandana?

... if you call being the substitute masthead an adventure.

Pretty sure that's not how the chain of evidence works.

"I didn't say 'light.' I said 'fire! But thanks, anyway."

Hard to believe that dinky little ship could do all that damage.

In the future, they'll *still* be playing Magic: The Gathering.

I hope that's not the illustration for "Cosmic Striptease."

The service is pretty intense, but the coffee hour afterwards usually makes up for it.

Future noir.

Looks like they're fighting off the waspmen in a habitrail.

Oh c'mon. What were those bars made of -- pipe cleaners?

That's a pretty unconvincing meteor strike.

12 rayguns blasting away -- and not one of them hits anything!

Wouldn't he have seen her in the mirror *before* he moved it to open the safe?

He threw a feather at her! The fiend!

That is one weird chess game.

Four men, one armed, vs. one alien, four-armed.

Is it bullying if you pick on someone greater than your own size?

Mr. Ed -- pulp fiction hero!

A bygone era's look back at a bygone era.

In the Old West, it was harder to say "no" to Jehovah's Witnesses.

"Hey! Do you mind? A little privacy, please."

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