Ganesha by Jesse Smith of Perfect Image, Waterloo, Ontario

Inked by tattoo artist Domantas Parvainis from Lithuania. www.tattooartproj...

Domantas Parvainis Lithuania

Hyperspace Studios : Tattoos : Back & Chest : Sarah purple mandala chest piece

Tattoo Inked by Michele Wortman - Chakra cobra Kundalini Spiritual backpiece.

Buddha tattoo. ♥

This remarkable Hanuman full body spiritual tattoo was inked by elite tattoo artist Isnard Barbosa.

Tree of Life: back of calf by zradkins

Tree of Life: back of calf by zradkins on deviantART

Inked at Genko Tattoo Studio in Japan. イメージ

By Niki Norberg

NIKI NORBERG, tattoo artist

Vishnu tattoo by Emily Shoichet.

Buddha half sleeve inked by Michele Wortman of Hyperspace Studios

Another remarkable tattoo from Chris Nieves. You can view a gallery of his work on his facebook page;

Phenomenal full back spiritual tattoo from In Ink Tattoo Studio located in Spain.

Another amazing spiritual tattoo from "Ink in tattoo" studio located in Spain. http:/...

Narasimha, Hindu god tattoo. Beautiful tattoo by Ink In Tattoo, check out their Facebook page at

Beautiful stone Buddha with lotus tattoo inked by Nikko Hurtado.

Spiritual tattoo inked by Daniel Acostaleon. danielacostaleon....

Buddha blended with full body tattoo.

Tattoo Ideas | Unique Tattoo Ideas |

Tatuaggio Ganesh. Italian Spiritual Tattoo.

Tatuaggio Ganesh significato

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