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When things just come into my head and I see you every where I go because you are and always will be in my heart!! I miss you more then you will ever know because you moved on to fast.. Thank you for a great 2 years!!

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this is going to be the main piece to my half sleeve! finally found it!!

  • Cassafrass Mills

    Holy crap.. I think if I take this and add a more water color style I think that would be perfect!

  • Siarah Simone

    Yay! This one reminded me of yours the most. :)

  • Cassafrass Mills

    Yeah I think I want more like the watercolor one.. Its similar and has more dark color which I think would work better.. To hide that awful outline lol

  • Cassafrass Mills

    Yay now I cannot wait for my tax return ^.^

  • chen hui

    Phoenix can born again of fire

Every time I rise from the flames, I become stronger...hence why my tattoo is the Phoenix.

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(Before/After) My masterpiece, ombre with platinum blond up top and reddish brown graduating from light to dark tips on the ends. -McKenna Gustafson

I love the cut and fabric of this bridesmaid dress. Perfect for the beach.

Fun idea for an Easter Brunch - Carrot Crescents Filled with Egg Salad

Amen x 6 Vintage 1940's Hymn Song Books