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Fibromyalgia Tattoo, Fibromyalgia awareness day May 12th, wear purple and tell everyone you know why you are wearing purple!

Chiari malformation tattoo with "hope" and ribbon. I really like this one actually.

My Bestfriend got this tattoo for me.. crazy how it got on pinterest :')

fibromyalgia tattoo designs | Lupus Tattoo by ShadowQueen64

Lupus Tattoo by ShadowQueen64 on deviantART

HAHAHAH! I love this! Another good reason to NEVER tattoo someone's name on you unless they are your kid :)

Sparrow Tattoo for my foot.... with our kids names in the tail, proverbs3 5-6 on the top wing and sean's name in the 2nd wing. oh i lOVE this sparrow!!!

hearts with stars tattoo, want to add both of my children's names. One name in each heart.

the only baby tattoo I've ever seen that I actually like. I still wouldn't get it though..

Names Tyler and Evan made into a clover shape Tattoo by Denise A. Wells by ♥Denise A. Wells♥, via Flickr

As long as I ony had two kids I would get this as a tattoo with their fingerprints and never your husbands as mean as that sounds bc it's the same as getting a guys name, if you break up it's always there reminding you of what you had.

Faith Hope and Love tattoo design by Denise A. Wells - Google my name for more of my unique, girly, pretty tattoo designs and artworks! tattoo-designs-by-denise

Like it going from the foot up the ankle. A good idea for going around my current tattoo

heart sister tattoo. . . Ok Madee maybe something like this at my dying hospital bed then finally I would say yes

Tattoo Idea! | Tattoo Ideas Central I want something like this with my kids names on it :)

kids names tattoo - like this but smaller and in a different spot.

tattoo ideas with kids names for women | Italic Tattoos Lettering | Tattoo Artist Ideas

Celtic Motherhood Knot Tattoo | Celtic motherhood knot with my kids names! | Tattoos

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I wish I had one like that.. only with the kids names

Tattoos with your kid's names. Could be made smaller, placed in a more indiscreet area and perhaps with a bit of color... just a few ideas.

baby tattoos | Tattoos Honoring Children? - Single Parents - BabyCenter

Infinity/ feather / kids names tattoo. Minus the feather. Add the heart instead.

Trinity and Kierren. One for each kid and on each side of chest tattoo "fearfully and wonderfully made"