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Dressing Your Truth Type 1, 2, 3, 4 (DYT T1 T2 T3 T4) + related yin yang & color / personality / style systems, origin of yin yang style types (Belle Northrup)

ORIGIN OF YIN YANG TYPES (BELLE NORTHRUP =ingenue gamine romantic classic natural/athletic dramatic)+type yourself with"family tree"of related yin yang typing systems: #DressingYourTruth, #dyt, the child whisperer,Carol Tuttle,David Zyla,Jennifer Butler, #Kibbe,Suzanne Caygill,Angela Wright,Irenee Riter,Jane Segerstrom,Bernice Kentner,John Kitchener,Taylore B Sinclaire,illuminessensce,Joan Callaway #colorpalettes (MOST USE SAME NAMES: #Type1/Spring, #Type2/Summer, #Type3/Autumn, #Type4/Winter)

related yin yang personality/color/style systems.the color connection by joan callaway.YIN YANG TYPING BY:VOICE, WALK, FACIAL FEATURES, etc. suzanne caygill originated these types.writes about caygill,mentions joan songer(now john kitchener psc).how to dress book:design line, pattern/print, fabrication, texture, color, jewelry,& hairstyles of the 4 caygill types.similarities to segerstrom, #dyt (correspond to spring/ #type1, summer/ #type2, autumn/ #type3, winter/ #type4). #kibbe people may like

several of the related yin yang personality/color/style systems on my board use similar "body harmony colors." the color connection book by joan callaway has body harmony colors: "skintone" "eye color" "related reds" "dramatic...colors" "elegant colors" "understated colors" "carefree colors." (correspond to david zyla's body harmony colors in his color your style book). "body harmony colors" most likely were originated by suzanne caygill.

sandals. suzanne caygill's summer ( #type2) = "curls, twists, or is braided."bernice kentner & jennifer butler winter ( #type4) = zebra. ."lively bright" (spring/ #type1) & "earthy rich" (autumn/ #type3) from john kitchener psc videos (see videos: photos:

DiSC personality test seen on different websites and original author unknown. DiSC overlaps well with sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic system mentioned by several of these related style systems. corresponds: #type1 /spring/sanguine=I(INSPIRING); #type2 /summer/phlegmatic=S(SENSITIVE); #type3 /autumn/choleric=D(DETERMINED); #type4 /winter/melancholic=C(Contemplative). "Flowing" used by the related authors for #type2/summer. more:

  • Charlotte Mason

    we had this test available at a place I used to work at. I liked it. I am an "I" and when I took the DYT - found out I am a type 1. Interesting!

belle northrup (creator of yin yang typing) is missing from personal color analysis history even though personal coloring (hair, skin, eyes, contrast) is part of her yin yang type system in her 1936 article & mcjimsey's books. ALSO:

reading from costume selection 1958 and also an approach to the problem of costume and personality article by belle northrup. belle northrup (creator of yin yang typing) borrowed yin and yang from the chinese language because she could not find words in english that would not offend anyone.

belle northrup (creator of yin yang types) has specific words in mind that she bases yin and yang types on;one for YIN in 1936 article includes= "piquancy."definition from was used by caygill.caygill is the origin of related systems' spring/ #type1.john kitchener psc named it "lively bright"(see video and "lively" is part of the definition "stimulating" is part of the definition and a good word for the spring/ #type1 personality

( the related systems use similar yin yang examples;some also seen in belle northrup articles & section in mcjimsey.1936 article YANG=calla lily, YIN=willow.similar to caygill,segerstrom,illuminessensce ,kentner ,zyla,donner,john kitchener psc

(expressingyourtruth.cropped,click to see whole diagram)the related yin yang systems use similar yin yang examples & some are also seen in belle northrup articles & belle northrup yin yang section in harriet mcjimsey books.diagram of belle northrup yin & yang includes YIN=hummingbird,YANG=lion. similar to caygill, #dyt,illuminessensce( ).violet also in pinckney & swenson,carole jackson;too many more to northrup, yang=force/strength;yin=delicacy