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Education Links for Teachers

It's one thing to use Evernote, but it's entirely another thing to master Evernote. If you’re new to Evernote, I don’t want to come across like it’s something complicated – it’s not, in fact, it’s the complete opposite. But there is a lot to Evernote – more than most of its users probably don’t take advantage of. My goal in this article is to help you understand the search tools available in Evernote.

DIY: a maker site for kids What it is: I LOVE everything about this site. It truly embodies everything I love about learning and technology. DIY is an online club for kids to earn maker skills. Kids (otherwise known as Makers) share their creations and work with a larger online community and collect patches for the skills they learn.

16 Ways Educators use Pinterest Pinterest is growing in popularity in such a way that it presumably will be the top social bookmarking platform of choice for internet users in 2013. The visual concept Pinterest is built on is behind its popularity because  the human mind is constructed in such a way to allow for easy and quicker processing of visual cues better than it does with the  written code.

16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest -

7 Tips From Effective Teachers Who Use Technology It’s old news that simply getting devices for your classroom is not enough. But to many teachers, figuring out how to use the devices they have (or will have) can be overwhelming. This great infographic from Always Prepped outlines 7 lessons from teachers who use technology that we can all learn from, regardless of how much or little technology usage is happening in your classroom or school.