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FUNdraising & Donations for Non-Profits & PTO's

Charitable donation leads for non-profit and pto groups. Donations can be used for fundraising purposes, raffles, auctions, etc. Please comment on any pin if a link is no longer working and I will try to resolve quickly.

Bravo - Brio Restaurant Group NOTE: All donation request forms received in the mail must be accompanied by a cover letter on your organization's stationery.

About Us- Community

Olive Garden donates to charitable causes that benefit the community. Donation requests can be submitted in writing to the general manager of your local Olive Garden. This includes requests for donations of gift certificates or food. www.olivegarden.c...

FAQ's | Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

AMC Theatres : Qualifying organizations may receive movie passes to use as prizes for fundraisers, charity auctions, volunteer recognition, or incentives for clients, students, or participants. Donations cannot exceed more than 10 passes per organization, and only one donation may be made to an organization per calendar year.

In the Community - Community Service and AMC Theatres

Amtrak will consider requests for charitable contributions only from organizations that further the goals of primary education and museums that advance the history and knowledge of railroads. This may include contributions to elementary schools or organizations that directly and exclusively support elementary schools in a particular community served by Amtrak.

Crabtree & Evelyn LONDON donate in-kind items for your auction to communities that they serve. Apply at least 60 days in advance. One donation per 12 months. For guidelines and online application: www.crabtree-evel...

Crabtree and Evelyn | Bath & Body Skin Care | Hand Care Products

Chico's donates to groups that support women and/or children to communities they serve. For giving guidelines:

Charitable Giving - Chico's

Valentine Fundraising Ideas! A whole assortment of ideas that are sure to explode your fundraising over Valentines! (Photo by Barb Steinacker / Flickr)

  • Rewarding Fundraising Ideas

    Hi Angela! Just wanted to thank you for pinning this from the Rewarding Fundraising Ideas' website. And I hope you've got your Valentine Fundraising all set and ready! :-) Rob has just launched a great online fundraising opportunity. They help your school create on online store front to sell Minted customized cards to your friends and family. Your schools 10% of the sale. Schools + Non-Profit Fundraising

Storefront - Sign up

MudLOVE offers generous fundraising options for any size organization/group. You can choose from stock bands or customize. Fun for all ages. Great fundraiser option selling each band $5-$6/each.

Nutiva donates gift baskets to non-profit organizations (usually approves larger select causes). Must apply at least 45 days prior to your event. Specifics and email info:

Product Donation Requests - Nutiva

Mighty Leaf Tea Community often donates samples for goodie bags or gift baskets to 501C3 organizations. Apply online:

Mighty Leaf Tea - Artisan Crafted Teas

Mountain Mist Spring Water donates for fundraising purposes. Online application: www.mountainmist....

Mountain Mist > Donation Request Form

Petunia Pickle Bottom often donates items for your fundraising auction. PDF application form:

The Animal Printshop often donates a framed print of your choice to nonprofit organizations who support children or animals. Complete the donation reqeuest form PDF. Mailing info is on the bottom of the PDF>

  • Lucy Smartlowit-Briggs

    According to their website on 04/01/2014, they are 'fully committed' and encourage people to check back next year.

  • Angela Knezevich

    Correct, you must get your application in the first quarter of every year. Like most giving programs once the budget is exhausted you have to wait until the next year. Giving budgets reduce annually, be prepared to file your requests in January.

  • Lucy Smartlowit-Briggs

    Thank you for the information! That is good to know!

Amazon School Rewards

Teachers' Amazon Wish Lists

Boulder Canyon Natural Foods donates food samples or gift baskets for your fundraising event for baskets, goodie bags, etc. Apply online: www.bouldercanyon...

Kettle Chips - Boulder Canyon Natural Foods

Express donates gift cards in increments of $25 up to $100 to nonprofit groups for fundraising purposes. For details and email address (bottom of linked page):

Express | Shop Men's and Women's Clothing

Useful website that offers PDF links to many different donating companies. Many are location specific. Also offers tips, donation request letter examples and other useful information. - home page
  • Brina Courtney

    Couldn't get this one to work! But thanks for all the others, amazing ideas!

Fire & Ice donates to local charitable causes for fundraising purposes (East Coast, USA). Online applications are not longer accepted. Visit a local retailer - they usually donate $25 - $50 gift cards for the cause.

Fire & Ice, Inc

Nikon donates to charitable causes. I have had best luck submitting my request in January as their donations budget runs out pretty quick. Online form: (USA only)

Nikon Inc. | Nikon Technical Support

Mixed Bag Designs donates bags for your fundraising event. They also offer a fundraising program too. To locate the online donation form google, Mixed Bag Designs Donation Request. You should pull up the PDF (sorry this site does not allow me to link the PDF). You will email the form when complete. For fundraising opportunities go to 'start fundraising' on their website: fundraiser.mixedb... Helps Organizations Acquire Tons of New Donors & Fundraisers

10 Best Fundraising Ideas from Fundly