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Omgs this is the best

Oh gods, this is... This is just... *insert the fangirl emoji here*

Percy Jackson...

Twitter / bethimusprime: @camphalfblood I think the ...

Yes yes yes.

  • Aurora Faye

    Labyrinth was #all I care about is Luke. Because that's when he turned into Kronos. Tbh, he was slightly ignoring Annabeth because he is an oblivious seaweed brain. He himself kinda got jealous about how upset Annie was over Luke. And yet he invited Rachel to the quest without thinking about how it would hurt Annie, go figure.

This gif.... *shakes head*

First I was like "I NEED MY ANNABETH!!?!!!!" Then I was like "Preach It" < EXACTLY

This is beyond accurate and I will repost every time I see it.