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Percy Jackson And The Olympians and The Heroes Of Olympus

Okay, it DOESN'T matter whether you were an original PJO fan. If you like the Percy Jackson series, than it doesn't matter when you began to read the books. It doesn't matter whether you found it yourself in the book store or if you only read it because you liked the movie, or because it's popular. If you are a fan, than you are a fan. Period. THAT'S IT. So everyone needs to get over this 'fake fan' crap, and grow up a little. A fandom is a family. What happened to no one gets left behind?

  • Staci Jenkins

    They just mean like the books, not movies, cause' the movies were terrible.

  • Annabeth Chase

    Yeah, I know, but I've seen so many posts like this one in other fandoms that are like 'I'm an original, I'm better than you' and I'm so tired of it, so I guess I took my frustrations out on this one

  • Staci Jenkins

    Ah. I getcha.

Whoever drew this captured Frank PERFECTLY!!!

Stuff Gets Real at the Pantheon by Rivaldiart on deviantART

Roll call!! When you repin, say your cabin!! Athena>>>>Apollo>>>>>>Cabin 8<<Hades>>> cabin 14>>>>>cabin twenty (Hecate)<<<<<THREE>>>>>Apollo again!

My feed did a thing.

It's August 18!!! We love you Percy J!!

Who’s with me, guys?

Who’s with me, guys?