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Percy Jackson And The Olympians and The Heroes Of Olympus

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Hey guys! So this is a picture of me that I took a while ago, but I edited it a bit so this is what I think Katie Gardner looks like! If you repost, give credit.

I have recently gotten re-obsessed with Tratie sooo

Okay, so this is my new edit! I added a little shading and things, though I don't don't know if you can actually tell... so yeah. Also, I didn't draw this pic, so credit to the artist!!!

  • Willow

    Nice, using overlay on everything and making it perfect can be hard. I know that when I photoshop drawings personally, after I use over lay to get the base colored I will go in on a new regular and color so areas with regular coloring except with the opacity lower so it isn't as strong... But that is just if u want to start getting obsessed

  • Annabeth Chase

    Okay, thanks so much!!

  • Garrett Walder

    Holy crap, that is really good!

spongebob gets it

I love this drawing so much. kudos to you viria

This is definitely what percy looked like when controlling poison in tartarus.

Frazel though. they have the freaking coolest ship name ever. don't even try to deny it βœ‹

Older Nico is beauteous. And yes I know I probably used that word completely wrong. And no, I do not care.

Ahh yes. And here we see a rare Nico Di Angelo smile folks.