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Right Click news bytes Jan-week4

News stories featured on the Right Click podcast

Foursquare App Lets Your Mom Know You Made It Home

Friday Night Fights: Should The iPhone Allow You To Easily Swap Batteries?

Steve Jobs Died With A Letter From Bill Gates At His Bedside

Poll: Would you like the next iPhone to have a bigger screen?

AT&T says it activated 7.6 million iPhones in Q4 2011, a whopping 80.8 percent of all smartphones they sold

iPad Grabs 58% of Tablet Shipments in 4Q 2011

iWorld 2012: Bottle Opener Cases, Wave Cradle, Nomad Brush, Wallet Case

Apple to Give Employees $500 Off Macs and $250 Off iPads

Apple’s enterprise mojo: One in 5 use iPhones, iPads, Macs at work

Bill Gates reflects on relationship with Steve Jobs and their last meeting [video]

Jailbreaking Exemption Law Could Expire Soon. Does that mean millions of "the crazy ones" will be hauled off to jail?

Next-gen iPhone reportedly ready for production, may launch this summer

Facebook forcing Timeline on users ‘over the next few weeks’

Steve Jobs looked to reinvent Apple’s iPhone photography with instant capture system, advanced light-field sensors

Gartner: No one in the world uses more semiconductors than Apple

Apple is likely the No. 1 smartphone maker, retaking spot from Samsung with 37M iPhones sold

Apple Reports Best Quarter Ever in Q1 2012: $13.06 Billion Profit on $46.33 Billion in Revenue

iPhone Represents 55% of Verizon's 4Q 2011 Smartphone Sales