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BENTO! Replace that chicken with tofu and I would be one happy girl!


Looks tasty,sushi #bento


Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask/ Mamoru bento

なつかしアニメをキャラ弁で - Yahoo!ブログ

Squid girl charaben cute anime bento box :( want

Totoro bento - need to try this one

■キャラ弁/ジブリ|Mai’s スマイル*キッチン

Seeing people play with their food haha. Bento boxes ♥


Not cake related but super cute! I have to make this for my daughter one day :) bentos

キャラ弁まにあ - キャラ弁レシピや作り方を検索&投稿 -

Flower bento! So cute! Bentos are amazing to pack healthy things into :) very sneaky :P