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Cosplay armor with Worbla by *Electricalivia on deviantART

5 pointed origami star Christmas ornaments - step by step instructions

sweet handmade angel ornaments. our boys always made an ornament for their aunties and grandmas growing up. these would be cute. it was a fun tradition and it's lovely to see years worth of their work on everyone's trees. some were better than others though. hehehe... and these are sweet.

Homemade paper Christmas ornaments by How About Orange

Christmas Ornament ... sparkle cupcakes. Could be fun for kids to give to their class or a class project.

Homemade christmas ornaments for kids to make

Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Kids Strap Style Flowers

Craft Table -- Kids can make their own compass - goonies treasure hunting style. Instructions are a little involved but good activity b/c takes awhile & materials are cheap.

Scrapbook Paper Covered Skulls {Mega•Crafty} ~ paper mache skulls (super cheap at the craft store), some sheets of scrapbook paper, some bright colored craft paint and modge podge.

I can't believe I have never thought of this before! So many times I've seen crafts where you use balloons and wrap something around them, but I can't do those because I'm allergic to them. Now, I know a way to do them without using balloons. These balls are cheap, too. :)

its amazing what a cheap vase and a little twine can do. Made this one afternoon when I needed to do a craft. Stuck some fake yellow mums in it, tied a golden ribbon braided with extra twine in a bow, and voila, I had a fall-ish pretty thing to put on my end table upstairs. Pretty foolproof, and most people have hot glue and plenty of ugly glass vases hanging about.

Whooo Loves A Cheap & Easy Craft?! Mee!!!

Baby Snow Owl- great cheap craft for students, holiday gifts, ornaments, or diorama. Find your own pine cones, tear apart cotton balls, use long cotton swab sticks to stuff cotton into pine cones, paint the beak orange & glue on googlie eyes. Construction paper hat & mittens can be added to increase cuteness :)

I melted cheap craft beads completely for this frickin amazing stained glass effect...

Margot Potter: Cheap and Easy Crafts: Feather Ornament DIY

dyed coffee filter craft tissue paper pom poms pomanders 4th of July wedding shower party decoration

An easy, possibly cheap craft. You can use it with or without water. Looks easy and fun!

Cheap craft supplies. Pin now, read later.

Fun for a girls night! Find them at the dollar store, tj maxx, or Marshall's and you have a cheap craft that will look cool after!

yarn chandeliers - cheap craft but huge effect! katie_au

This DIY fairy house is great for any little child's imagination!

DIY Kids Crafts - Painted Bow Tie Pasta! You could hot glue them on a hair clip ! So cute!