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Scary Clowns just for Margie! LOL

Come here


The Day the Laughter Died by Matchbox Photography, via 500px

The Day the Laughter Died

Evil Clown (I dunno, he reminds me of Dr. House...who is, in his own way, an evil clown, I guess.)

Digital Drawing: 50 Scary Clowns that Will Haunt in Your Dreams

Evil Celebrity Clowns - Worth1000 Contests

Evil Celebrity Clowns - Worth1000 Contests

evil clown dolls sitting in chairs I know this is old school but ever since Poltergeist I've had a fear of ugly/creepy/evil clown dolls (or ANY clown doll for that matter) sitting in a chair...especially a rocking chair! I don't have a fear of long as they smile, look happy and keep STANDING!

Good morning Princess. Not much sleep here either, bad headache and scary dreams. I and need you.

When an animal growls and shows it's teeth we say it is snarling. When a clown smiles and shows his teeth we sing happy birthday.

25+ Horrible Scary Pictures That Must Scare You

Rocker / clown photo Eolo Perfidos / makeup Valeria Orlando /model Stefano

Eolo Perfido Photography Blog

Meet Toodles. Toodles is an 18 month old Yorkie/poodle mix. Toodles is full grown and weighs about 12 pounds. Toodles is a great little dog. Toodles is good with kids, cats, and dogs. Toodles is house trained and crate trained. She is good on a...

Poor baby

  • Shannon Vaughan

    Good thing we dont have a place together cause this is what you would be waking up to all the time. You would never know when its gonna happen either. lol