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The force....

8 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Guard

The BJJ Guard - 8 Tips to Instantly Improve It


Kron Gracie - Son of the Legend and Budding Legend Himself

Ronda Rousey - Fear & Courage I love this because it is how I totally feel.

When you train BJJ...

This is the road of Brazilian Jui Jitsu - You will be tested physically, experience powerlessness, become the absolutely best version of yourself you could have ever imagined. #BJJ #Quote

Dealing with Competition Anxiety

Mitsuyo Maeda (ca. 1910) - basically the founder of Brazilian jiu-jitsu

File:Maeda ca. 1910.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What a jerk!

Good graphic of BJJ belt progression.

First Women’s Jiu jitsu athletes! Totally awesome. bjj

Just a little tribute...BJJ, jiu jistu, choke

Funny bjj picture