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This has to be one of the most creative use of bottles in a natural home I have ever seen, if not the most dramatic then certainly the most inventive. It's part of Rachel's 'Grand Designs' award winning straw bale home in Wales: www.quietearth.or...

These window shutters are the very beautiful work of The Konbit Shelter project www.konbitshelter... a sustainable building project sharing knowledge through the creation of homes and community spaces in post earthquake Haiti. They are a group of artists, builders, architects and engineers who combine their creative passion with the knowledge and skills of local artisans, builders and farmers. They are building permanent earth bag domes adapted to the climate and conditions of rural Haiti.

Sadly you will find these Japanese holiday homes on many social media profiles and pages that pretend to be earth friendly. Here is a TED video explaining the danger of Styrofoam AKA 'toxic white stuff'

This is Heidi's cottage, 'Elaman Puu', which means Tree of Life. It's built with a variety of natural building techniques with a rubble trench, earthbag stem walls dressed in stone, birch bark damp-proof membrane beneath the straw bales on the northern walls with cob and cordwood to the south and a reciprocal roof on a roundwood frame. All of the materials were harvested locally. See more at www.naturalhomes....

This beautiful tiny cob home sits on the banks of a small stream in Somerset, England. Recently the little stream became a torrent that burst its bank and flooded the house but the stone stem wall protected the cob and straw bales and its drying out. Lisa and Rich built the house with clay from the stream and roundwood Pine and Hawthorne thinned from the local woodlands. More at

When a rocket stove burns it draws air in pulling the flames into the stove. You can feed a rocket stove by placing a long log in the fire box that sticks out the top while it burns at one end in the fire box. The wood is gradually consumed without any smoke escaping. This rocket stove is by Juured in Estonia. Rocket stoves have very efficient combustion, where the furnace temperature ranges from about 1000C up to 1100C. Discover more at

Will Beckers, alias The Willowman, creates willow sculptures in which he lives. The hamlet of willow sculptures in Venlo, Netherlands is a tangible lesson in cradle to cradle living where people visit, particularly children, to help build the hamlet and write messages about there wishes for nature. Click the picture to find out more at

Take a look at this Can Rack by Organize It All on #zulily today!

This is the cob bench, called 'The Lighthouse', just outside 2111 S.E. Madison Street, Portland, OR, USA. It was a project by Village Building Convergence

It would be difficult to find another cottage with better sustainable credentials than Lotus Cottage in West Virginia, USA. It was built by natural builder and architect Sigi Koko. The cottage has a rubble trench foundation with exterior straw bale walls plastered with lime outside and clay inside. All the timber was locally grown and lots of salvaged parts like windows were used in the building. More at