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Lesson Plan Book. Pinning this now, look at closer later. This teacher is brilliant!

This science unit on the three states of matter is full of fun ways to deliver to your students' mandated curriculum. My students have a blast doin...

Free Daily Form Teacher To Do List

A bite size classroom management song to address "Interruptive Behavior."

A wonderful song for little tattlers! Great way to address tattling issues. Free!

Definitely giving this out at the beginning of the year!

Great read for parents and teachers to help children learn the value of being respectful by listening and waiting for their turn to speak. The book also teaches children a witty technique to hold on to their thoughts for sharing at an appropriate time. Have fun reading!

Great video lesson on teaching children the difference between tattling and reporting. Graphics from www.mycutegraphic...

What a pediatric occupational therapist wants teachers to know. This first installment of a six part series focuses on why children often struggle to sit still and how you can help solve the problem.

Get rid of the "treasure box" rewards.

Tutorial for pretty snowflakes made from doilies and paper plates

Ms. Frizzle - Coolest costume ever!!

Excellent Reader's Workshop Mini Lessons sorted by grade level

Read To Me is a website with over 100 digital books that are read by the author. It's completely FREE!

Amazing website... it gives specific books for whatever strategy you are teaching!

Dr. Jean's tricks for when "Shhhh!" does not work! Cute ideas! LOVE her.

blog for more Christmas Around the World ideas to go with my unit

Printables and Activities for all sorts of books Sweeeet

The Night I Followed the Dog- Great book to teach Main Idea & Supporting Details, as well as Sequencing Events! (link includes lesson plan)