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Outstanding Products

Good product design, or industrial design, can mean the difference between success and failure. I offer you a few examples of good design.

This machine produces edible mist in 200 delicious flavors... To inhale the the mist you just need to suck it using a straw, getting "an instant flavor hit." The machine, which looks like an awesome prop from a 50s sci-fi movie, uses ultrasonic vaporization to create this fog.

This machine produces edible mist in 200 delicious flavors

A Blanket With a Built-in Dining Table Will Revolutionize Picnics... Packing away into an easy to transport briefcase, the $60 table's six-and-a-half square foot blanket features two layers for warmth and water-resistance, and a set of stakes so windy days don't blow away your meal. A set of built-in cup holders even prevents spills from happening, and if you add a can of bug spray into the mix the Tablanket just might deliver a perfect afternoon—minus the occasional errant frisbee.

Everyone's a Master Bartender With This App-Connected Drink Scale... The heart of the system is a tablet app that includes an exhaustive library of cocktails and other mixed drinks, ensuring you know exactly what goes into every concoction. And to guarantee you don't screw it up, a connected scale measures every ingredient as you add it, guiding you through the creation process and keeping tabs on how much you've poured.

The Kisai Blade sports a custom-made turbine-style lens, and uses tube LEDs that rotate, like an airplane propeller, to tell time. The LEDs operate in three different modes, "Turning" uses a constant cycle to light up hours and minutes, while "Animation" turns your wrist into a rave with a constantly spinning diodes. The timepiece uses a USB-rechargeable battery that can go a month between charges $139

A Comfy Throne That Explodes Into Plush Stools To Seat All Your Guests... When fully assembled its modular cushions form the perfect nook to bury yourself in with a good book, just make sure all the change is out of your pockets before you plunk down. And when company comes a-callin', the segmented cushions all pop out of the Quartz chair providing ample places for everyone to sit.

Socks Made with Carbonized Coffee Will Make Your Feet Less Stinky... The Atlas sock is a performance dress sock made from cotton, polyester and carbonized coffee. Carbonized coffee? Yes, it helps filter and absorb sweat and odor. Even more, the sock uses strain analysis, pressure mapping and thermal imaging to create something ridiculously comfortable.

World's best turntables come from New Jersey... VPI has been making turntables in New Jersey since the early 1980s. VPI currently offers 10 turntables, four tonearms, and three record-cleaning machines. The JMW-3D is the newest addition to the VPI line; it's a tonearm made on a 3D printer. It takes 23.5 hours to "print" each one. Turntable prices start at $1,400 for the Traveler; the company has 90 brick-and-mortar dealers in the U.S. and exports to 57 countries.

Airbus prototype luggage comes iPhone-enabled with GPS tracking... Airbus calls it Bag2Go, and it was created in partnership with German luggage maker Rimowa, and T-Mobile who provided all of the connectivity bits. The luggage bag includes a bar code that travelers can scan with their iPhone to sync the two devices together, and the handle of the bag also acts as a digital scale to weigh it, and then relays that info to your iPhone.

Bowers & Wilkins 805 Maserati Edition looks like the inside of a really nice car. The 805 Maserati Edition is the result of a partnership with the Italian automaker, building on the 805 Diamond speakers with the addition of black leather, bird's eye maple and the car company's trident logo. The speaker hits audio stores come fall, and later this year, it'll be joined by what we assume will be equally extravagant P5 Maserati Edition headphones.

Handmade Watch That Will Take You To Infinity And Beyond... made by Vianney Halter and is supposed to look like the Deep Space Nine station from Star Trek. The tourbillon – essentially a rotating balance wheel – is suspended between two gears in the movement and the whole thing has a very steampunk meets Spockpunk vibe. You should also note that this thing will cost $200,000 when complete. Click image for video.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 Zoom appears in leaked images... shows dedicated shutter button, meaning you'll be able to hold the device and snap a picture without touching the 4.3-inch qHD super-amoled display. Includes dual-core 1.6GHz processor, 8GB storage, microSD expansion slot, and 16-megapixel sensor with optical zoom rather than a standard digital zoom. Includes Bluetooth 4.0, standard Wi-Fi, and GPS. The device runs Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, and Samsung’s TouchWiz. Expect announcement June 20.

Refuse to Drink Wine From Anything But These Crazy Anatomical Carafes... All example of "bio-tableware" by sculptor Etienne Meneau, these beautiful, branched structures are artistic takes on wine carafes. Mimicking the blood supply networks and airways in our bodies, they're each capable of holding a full bottle of wine—even if they don't look like they could. Downsides: they look a nightmare to pour from, impossible to clean, seem remarkably fragile and are actually art works.

'Trek'-themed Acer Aspire R7 boldly goes up for auction... Finally, a Windows 8 machine that'll feel at home on other planets. As part of a "Star Trek Into Darkness" tie-in, Acer launches a limited-edition "Trek"-themed version of its ambitious Aspire R7. Only 25 units of the "Trek"-themed Aspire R7 have launched, with only one available for purchase via auction on eBay. Bidding will start on June 12 and continue through June 24, with proceeds benefiting two charities. Sells for $999.

Gigabyte shows four prototype BRIX mini PCs, including models with projectors and wireless charging. Imagine a wireless charging BRIX with a projector built in. Awesome.

Innoio Innocube pico projector: a tiny handful of video... the device is being marketed as the Innoio Innocube (around US$299) and you should start seeing availability in US retail outlets and online stores in the next few months. If you or your kids have a need for a tiny and impressively bright projector, the Innoio Innocube should definitely be on your list of projectors to check out. However, I think it's a bit misguided for Innoio to be targeting kids for a $300 projector.

Innoio Innocube pico projector: a tiny handful of video

The Wheelharp delivers the sounds of a chamber string orchestra via a keyboard and a full chromatic set of real strings. Developed by Los Angeles-based Antiquity Music, the device reacts to a user's press of the keys by moving a corresponding string to a rotating wheel with an edge that bows the string. Click for video/audio demo...

Razer Made the World's Most Powerful Small Windows Laptop... The new 14-inch Blade starts at $1800, and scales up from there if you want to upgrade the 128GB SSD to 256 or 512GB. The full specs include next-gen Haswell Intel processors; 8GB onboard DDR3 RAM; Nvidia GTX 765M (2GB GDDR5 memory) & Intel HD4600 graphics; 14-inch 1600x900 display; and 3 USB 3.0 ports. It's claiming six hours of battery life.

Concept Coke can splits in two for sharing... A new video from Coca-Cola may help renew your faith in humanity on a hot day. A simple twist and the 330-milliliter can splits in half, one for you and one for a friend. Ideally, you should only do this with one buddy, as the can doesn't multiply any further.

Honda Walking Assist Device goes into broad hospital trial... the first 100 2.6kg units are finally strolling into broader service in Japan. Each unit can run for more than an hour on a single charge, Honda says, with the 22.2V Li-Ion battery fitting into the control pack that sits at the small of the back. A bevy of sensors are used to track hip-angles, and thus make sure the motors kick in as appropriate to help guide each step.

You'll Never Break This Awesome Rubber Lamp... If you're a complete klutz, you could do with Cologne designer Thomas Schnur's Rubber Lamp. Not only does it look awesome—you'll never break it, either. What's particularly nice is how the design looks so conventional from a distance, but is so unconventional up close.

You'll Never Break This Awesome Rubber Lamp

Clever Mug Catches Coffee Drips Before They Become Stains... Harnessing the complex hydrodynamic properties of surface tension, this brilliantly re-engineered mug features a strategically engineered reservoir running around the circumference of the vessel's outer wall. Or, in other words, designer Kim Keun Ae added a groove that cleverly catches drips before they hit the table.

Clever Mug Catches Coffee Drips Before They Become Stains

This Replacement Cap That Turns Any Water Bottle Into a Humidifier... Powered via a USB connection, the $34 compact humidifier is easy to travel with since it uses any-sized water bottle as its reservoir. An average-sized bottle should keep it going for up to eight hours. A long filter sponge extends deep into the bottle, soaking up water while preventing unwanted particulates from clogging up the evaporation mechanism.

Fight Bad Breath and Bathroom Clutter With This Toothbrush Cup... this flippable cup that doubles as a way to rinse your mouth and a convenient spot to store a toothbrush. Available in a small selection of decor-friendly colors, the $11 Flip Cup also features a contoured rim that allows air to get in when flipped upside-down so it dries quickly preventing germs and bacteria from finding a home.

Confidently Crack Your Eggs With a Yolk Separating Whisk... The tool's plastic strands feature an indent on one side that will trap a yolk when an egg is cracked over it. And so you don't need to learn how to single handedly crack an egg, the handle on the Whisk' is strategically designed to let it rest on the edge of a bowl without rolling. Check it out here... www.apostrophe-iv...

Sand Can Light Up A Room... LED lightbulbs are already energy efficient, but they would be even better if they could emit light without connecting to the grid at all. Brooklyn-based designer Danielle Trofe is trying to make that happen. Trofe created two designs for this month's Wanted Design 2013. Both are hourglasses that use the kinetic energy of falling sand to power a light bulb. One model is a sort of torch/flashlight-type situation, and the other is a flippable stool.