Released POW John McCain - Hanoi 1973

Sgt. Drew Dix, US Army Special Forces

Left to right: unknown SEAL, Drew Dix, Harry Humphries (SEAL).

The jeep armed with a .50-cal.

Harry Humphries, Navy SEAL, on the right.

Drew Dix with his PRUs.

The two Filipino aid workers rescued by Drew.

Here is the amazing and moving story that 60 Minutes Australia did on the Battle of Long Tan which was broadcast on 13 August 2006, a few days prior to the premiere of my award winning documentary (16 August 2006) which I made for the 40th Anniversary of the battle which was on 18 August 2006.The story is called Forgotten Heroes and the Producer is Hamish Thomson and the reporter is Peter Harvey.105 young Australians and 3 New Zealanders fought and defeated 2,500 Viet Cong and North Vietnames...

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