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Pregnancy announcement idea: Dad, Mom, older sibling and baby-to-be's birth years. [Love that it is the same years as Mike, me and Stephen but OBVIOUSLY no Baby Alley is 2012!! Lol!!]

cute :) .. i read that this couple made big puzzle pieaces of there birth announcement and gave it to there family members to open up on christmas .... soo doing that !!

Stl love♥ wanna do this!

I'm in love with this shot, especially for a spring wedding...but with the "How I Met your Mother" yellow umbrella (fans know what I mean!)

Ideas on how to hang photos on a wall.

Love the idea of dad lifting baby in the air and capturing the picture from underneath.

The most adorable engagement pictures i've ever seen. OBSESSED with all these poses...they seem so perfectly happy

couples shoot. Hilary Cam Photography

Posing couples - 80 pictures and poses

Take a picture every season for the first year of your marriage and hang them in four frames.

absolutely 100% in LOVE with this photo!