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Rachel McMurray

Rachel McMurray


Want one!!

The coolest game of all, I thought, was the Mr. Freeze bubble game. Russell made a solution up of soap, water and glycerin in a baby pool. We put a stool in the middle of the pool and a hula hoop in the water around the stool. The child stood on the stool and Russell brought the hula hoop up around the child. It made a bubble up and around each child and for some of the kids the bubble went all the way over their heads! I think they got a kick out of being in a bubble! It was pretty cool!

One of my favorite stations was the "Mighty Muscle" station. We took 2 large Styrofoam balls and painted them black, put them on a dow rod - also painted black and used stencils to paint "100" on each to look like it was 200lbs the kids were lifting. This was a great photo area. I would recommend taking each kids photo here to send home with them. Very fun.

This is an idea for a superhero party for kids, but what about big kids? They want to go through a yarn laser maze, too! This would be so much fun. Like Twister, but your life is actually on the line!

Silly string 'spray the bad guy game' - all the fun..! -attendants are the bad-guys!

"Thor's Hammer Throw". We made these out of kleenex boxes, duct tape, paper towel rolls and electrical tape. Put something inside to weight it down though. We taped a circle in the carpet as a target. Avengers birthday party

Spider web game. Just use painters tape to make the web and have the kids throw wads of paper at it to see if they can get it to stick. - would be fun for a superhero party

The hulk smash! Great super hero party game

Batman Party with FREE Photobooth Mask + Prop Printables

made this spider web out of streamers

Croatia - Dubrovnik When you're here, it's like you walked through a timewarp to medieval times! Very cool place and wonderful people!! 2016

A retired forestry engineer named Huseyin Cetinel decided to spruce up the neighborhoods of Findikli and Cihangir in Istanbul, devoting four days and $800 dollars to redecorate a massive staircase in rainbow hues. The local community fell in love with the newly adorned pedestrian passageway, tweeting up a storm of praise for the guerrilla beautification project.

The bridge that connects Asia to Europe at Istanbul, Turkey

The Stone Mirror - Istanbul, Turkey | 2016

istanbul mosque 2016

Spice Bazaar in Istanbul - You can find everything here, spices for every meal. 2016

Shoe Sculpture on the Danube - Budapest During World War II, the Arrow Cross (Hungarian Fascists) would take Jews from the Budapest ghetto down to the Danube River and shoot them so that they would fall into the river. These shoes (bronze but in the style of that era) are lined up along the Embankment, not far from the location of the Hungarian Parliament.

Budapest - The Great Market.2016

Part of the Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest (this is the baroque-renaissance part, as the castle is actually a purposeful mix of architectural styles) 2016

ROMANIA: Lovely European cafe scene in Bucharest, one of the last major European cities that hasn’t been pasteurized by gentrification or lost its soul to mass tourism. 2016

"climbing the golden stairs", Bucharest, Romania. 2016