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What an adorable and inexpensive little Christmas gift for someone!

I might die if someone did this for me...amazing idea. Open when you need to know how much I love you, open when you don't feel beautiful, open when you need a laugh, open when you miss me, open when you're mad at me, open when you need a date night,

40 Blows Gift-could do any age

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Great Birthday Idea

Simple, Delicious Lasagna Recipes

clear glass block with family pic inside. Get the blocks that open at Micheals.

Thought this was a cute newborn/family picture idea for all of my pregnant or soon-to-be prego friends!

Buy white mugs and paint funny things on them! (Pigs nose, Moustaches, etc...) Possible Christmas gifts!

very first day of kindergarten and very last day of high school. oh my heart!

A tutorial on how to make your own rice bag heating pad for Christmas gifts!

Thinking I will do this for Fathers Day this year. I'm gonna put the jar in a basket and add a gift card for Darrin's favorite golf course (or maybe one he has yet to try), some golf balls and ......I will have to think about some other fun things to add.

Take their wedding invitation, cut into strips and placed in a glass ball. Give to newlywed couple for their first Christmas. Would work for baby showers and other things too.

" Cute 40th or 50th or 60th birthday gift and poem..."To celebrate and turning 40 is nothing to SNICKER about. In fact, this is when you have BUTTERFINGERS And your mind starts playing TWIX on you. You’re WHATCHAMACALLIT isn’t working properly, You’ll do things NOW & LATER And forget them both....."

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