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Boozy Beverages

Avengers Cocktails ... Um, Yes.

Sparkling White Peach Sangria

Oh man. Cranberry. Vodka. Slushies. -- Three of my FAVORITE words

White Gummy Bear... Best ever! Strawberry vodka, peach schnapps and 7up.

Skittles vodka... works great with rum too! I made this with Rum and it's so much better! Smooth, sweet and taste just like the Skittles. Can be imbibed straight, but if you add a mixer like Sprite, Ginger Ale, etc. then be careful because it just taste like a Skittles drink without the alcohol. It's REALLY good and you won't realize how much you're drinking.

Peach Moon - Blue Moon, Peach Schnapps, Orange juice... This sounds terrific!

this is cool ... Lay a mirror down, take a hammer to it, pour polyurethane over - Amazing on the floor. I think I would do a bathroom counter top or coffee table.

FROZEN COCONUT LIMEADE 5 1/2 cups ice 5/8 cup coconut rum (for non-alcoholic version, substitute cream of coconut, like Coco Lopez) 4-5 tablespoons frozen limeade concentrate (substitute lemonade version if you’d like) 1/8 cup water Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth.

Adult Capri Suns--Bag o (vodka) lemonade - perfect for the beach! best idea ever. Pure stinkin genius. Freeze it first and take to beach and squeeze to make it slushy--this way it wont get watered down:)

Cream Soda Martini (4 oz pinnacle whipped cream vodka 10 oz jones cream soda) GENIUS!

New Years Eve: Fill glass with pink cotton candy and slowly pour champagne over it. Such a beautiful beverage.

Dirty Shirley: cherry vodka, grenadine, sprite. Adult Shirley Temple?

Cranberry Lime Vodka, that sounds DELICIOUS!!!

Going on a cruise and don't want to spend a fortune on drinks? Pour your vodka in an empty Listerine bottle, add 3 drops of blue food coloring and 1 drop of green (or just get an opaque bottle like for the whitening kind)!!! I have done this and it TOTALLY works. If you wear contacts, a contact solution bottle is perfect, too and it dispenses so easily out of it.

Birthday Martinis - Skipping the cake next time :) --boom--gluten free alcoholic solution for no cake

Gummy Bears soaked in Vodka - easier and better than jello shots! @Katie Robbins This could make for a REALLY fun evening at our house...

Pink grapefruit margaritas 1 cup ruby red grapefruit juice 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice (about 4 limes) 1 cup triple sec orange liqueur 3 cups ice 1 cup silver tequila 1 lime cut in wedges, optional Kosher salt. @Ken Porter

Cake Batter Martinis. So so delicious-looking!

chocolate strawberry shooters @Katie Robbins These sound so. so. GOOD.

White Wine, Fresca and fresh fruit. 3 cans of Fresca per 1 bottle of wine. Have fresh peaches and Peach Fresca right now!

Raspberry Lemon Drop. Ingredients: 2 oz. Vodka. 2 tsp. lemon juice. 6 raspberries. 2 tsp. sugar. Splash of 7UP or Sprite. Preparation: Muddle raspberries, sugar, and lemon juice in a shaker. Add vodka, Sprite/7UP, and ice. Shake and serve in a sugar-rimmed martini glass. Garnish with raspberries and enjoy!

Sneaky Beach cocktail: Pink Lemonade, Fresh Strawberries, Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka, Triple Sec, Malibu Coconut Rum. Made at the beach and it was awesome!

6 pack of beer, 1 can frozen Pink Lemonade concentrate. Refill the concentrate can with vodka and add in....Made at the beach and they were a HIT!