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Teachers - Now you will know if it's your pencil! Decorative duct tape wrapped pencils.

multiplication clock instructions ~ A friend says "I did this this with my daughter who has a math learning disability and it made what the times table were click for her."

How to Handle "Backtalk" and Why! Great for parents & educators dealing with behavioral problems #education

What a great idea! A bike water bottle holder is attached to the legs of the desks! Desktops are clear and students are hydrated.

Dollar Tree find... facial cleansers as whiteboard erasers

Call-and-answer attention grabbers- Cool Teach - Adventures in Teaching: classroom management

Dollar store photo albums… Turn them into flashcard fun! Easy to write and wipe, just insert what you are working on. You could even just insert white paper and have them work on writing sight words, so many ways to use them!

Amazing blog has the best projects for preschool teachers, art moms, traditional moms, etc.!

Flip TEN-Fun addition card game from Guided Math! Kids line up cards in four rows of five. Then, they flip two cards over. If the sum of the two cards equals 10, they keep the cards and replace the cards with two more from the deck. The game ends when there are no more matches left.

Whack-a-word! Call out a word and who ever hits it first with the hammer gets to keep it. Could think of lots of applications for this - recognizing sight words, finding rhyming words, learning vocabulary--Used fly swatters also

When the light's on, students may not talk to you. Krazy About Kiddos: Brain Breaks, Center Light, and Dismissal Routine

Awesome behavior management plan...I was already planning on using this chart...but the binder is awesome!!

every printable you can think of - I will be glad I pinned this one day

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Pirate Theme Calendar Months