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My name is Tonia Ries, and I am a friend of Amy Vernon. But I want to make one thing perfectly clear: Just because she has more followers DOESN'T make her more influential than me :)

  • Robert Moore

    Google Images :) The search query I used: More influential women than Amy Vernon who have less followers than her

  • Amy Vernon

    @Robert Moore - you are such a weirdo.

  • Mo Krochmal

    I thought Tonia said flowers, and I said, Amy has more flowers? Really?

  • Tonia Ries

    What @AmyVernon said!!

  • Robert Moore

    Weirdo...that's a little about quirky? Just so you know, if I am Tweeting after 10 pm, #wine is involved and anything can happen :)

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I am a Pig. I should not be a friend of Amy Vernon's, because her love of bacon ultimately means my demise. But because she is so damn lovable, I do in fact consider her my friend :)

My name is Eli Manning, and I am a friend of Amy Vernon. We both live in New Jersey, 'nuff said. She taught me how to get articles about me on the homepage of DIGG.

I am a BLT sandwich, and nothing makes me happier than when I am eaten by Amy Vernon :)

  • Amy Vernon

    Of course, we know where the best BLT is from, yes? :)

I am Noni Cavaliere, and I am a friend of Amy Vernon. When I am #WhiskeyBellaAfterDark, I am a friend of Amy Vernon with a fat cigar in my hand:)

My name is Sid. I am brown, and I am a friend of Amy Vernon.

I am Peter Bordes, and I am a Friend of Amy Vernon. I am also the scourge of fish everywhere.

Linda Bernstein (@WordWacker), dear friend of Amy Vernon. I wear my spectacles in homage to her.

My name is Bacon, and Amy Vernon is is my Queen :)

I am a friend of Amy Vernon for many reasons, one of which is that Amy is a friend of bacon :)