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Pictures of flowers: Ivy = A, Hosta = B, Climbing Hydrangea = C: Container Gardening Flowers: Ivy = A, Hosta = B, Climbing Hydrangea = C The corner of a fenced-in yard can become an intimate, peaceful spot to relax

Pictures of flowers: Purple Shamrock = A: Container Gardening Flowers: Purple Shamrock = A A simple white container and a single plant enclosed in a recycled birdcage container (click for more

Pictures of flowers: A = Agastache, B = Dahlia, C = Calibrachoa, D = Licorice Plant, E = Salvia: Container Gardening Flowers: A = Agastache, B = Dahlia, C = Calibrachoa, D = Licorice Plant, E = Salvia Large containers like this blue faux marbled tall

Pictures of flowers: A = Hibiscus, B = Calibrachoa: Container Gardening Flowers: A = Hibiscus, B = Calibrachoa Simply striking! A two-plant simple container combination can become extraordinary by the use

Shade lovers, A variety of plants with interesting leaves, including Astilboides, Lamium, Hosta, Heuchera, Aconitum, Dicentra

Caladiums are extremely easy to grow and look wonderful in landscaping & flower beds. I put them around the base of the tree so that I dont have to mow around the roots. 5/12/13

Glow sticks in cooler ~ good idea so you don't have to hold a flash light to dig around in the cooler.

put glow sticks in a balloon and put them all over your yard......summer party!!!

Catmint Blue Carpet - Don't spend big bucks on ground cover plants--one packet of Blue Carpet offers you all the coverage you need, quickly and permanently!