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Content Curation Visualized

What is content curation about? Diagram, charts and infographics to make sense and introduce "others" to the *content curation* conundrum

The process of curation as seen by Maria Popova: www.fastcompany.c...

Curation as Digital Literacy Practice

A currently famous example is the curation work of Maria Popova, and her blog updates on Brain Pickings. Popova’s curation practices are summarised in this diagram. Source:

Curation as Digital Literacy Practice

Excerpted from The Busy Person's Guide to Content Curation by Kevan Lee on Buffer Blog:

The Busy Person's Guide to Content Curation: A 3-Step Process

Infographic: 6 Sanity Checks When Curating Content

6 Sanity Checks when Curating Content [Infographic] - Curata Blog

What is the problem? - Introducing the Challenge… Embedding content curation into medical education

Content Curation: Measuring Up To Your Peers? - What Marketers Think - Trapit! 2014 via HeidiCohen

4 Ways To Leverage the Interest Graph through Impacting Content Curation by Guillaume DeCugis

  • Rene de Vries

    The square at the bottom left should read 'Feeds'. Specifically feeds that you can set up using keyword searchers, such as TalkWalker. The deliver topical information, but are typically quite noisy.

  • Robin Good

    Thank you Rene for this useful clarification.

Overcoming Misconceptions -- A ROADmap to the Future of Content Curation - B2BContent Engine

From "A note on Curation in Social Leadership" by Julian Stodd

A note on Curation in Social Leadership

"Curation solves the problem of filter failure" Clay Shirky

2013 | Create / Curate

How to add value should be the very first objective in curation, PKM, or any professional online sharing. - Harold Jarche

Content Curation: Finding The Needles in the Haystacks by Cristopher Lister

Content Curation: Finding The Needles in the Haystacks
  • Martin Couzins

    I'd add that thinking, selecting and learning underpin each stage of the curation process. They are happening at the same time. Not sure I'd separate them out in this way.

  • LaDonna Coy

    This is so different from "the way we were" with information brokering which was more about qualifying information than today's curation which is more about adding value to it. The old way was review, qualify and share. Important distinctions you're making.