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Great Examples of Content Curation

Top-notch examples of content curation at work. See the results, get inspired, sense the added value that organizing existing information can offer.

A curated learning hub about digital design - an outstanding model of how effective curation can create great value - all of the resources and content that this hub points out are already available resources, picked, vetted and re-organized by design curators. Included is also a design toolkit with the best services and tools organized by application area.

A curated visual collection and newsletter update of the best designed apps available - organized by categories -

A human-curated Reading List for Startup Entrepreneurs, helps to save time learning by picking best writings from successful startup founders, VCs and mentors.

Pattern Library - This ongoing project compiles patterns shared by talented designers to be re-used freely in your own designs - thepatternlibrary...

Startupery is a new online resource which organizes and curates best-practices, strategy advice, tips and methods for business startups.

The Criterion Collection is a unique online shop dedicated to the curation of high-quality film editions, which it licenses, remasters at the highest quality possible and releases by integrating additional rare materials related to the film. A wonderful resources for film-lovers.

A hub of curated new sounds from the best DJs and music tastemakers around the world -

Land Book a curated gallery of great product landing pages by Dawid Liberadzki, Konrad Księżopolski and Marcin Wieprzkowicz -

A curated guide to the best places online where to learn how to code (80 different technologies) - by Jon Chan - - Review:

Bento - Learn how to code

The P2P Foundation - a fantastic curated resource for everything P2P-related from conferences to projects and books.

Content Curation – how to use Storify and live blogging - Great selection of examples.

Historical Pics - The most beautiful, classic and iconic, history pics ever taken. on Twitter @historicaltweets on FB